"Check out that idiot!” Dan Bilzerian and I are inspecting the cover of Square Mile’s July 2017 issue, graced by one Dan Bilzerian. The print version is squeezed into a white suit jacket, and looks about as comfortable as a doberman in a leotard. (Our photoshoot was the jacket’s inaugural outing; it hasn’t been worn since). In one shot, a pair of camouflage shorts are visible beneath the jacket’s hem; Bilzerian 2017 had refused to don trousers, and the sight gag was too irresistible to omit.

Bilzerian 2019 seems to enjoy it. Chuckling, he films himself flicking through the pages and uploads the video as an Instagram story, where it will garner several thousand views before we have even sat down. Maybe more. The man is known as the ‘King of Instagram’, ruling over 27.9m followers (it was 22.6m when we met two years earlier). An earlier post of a sedentary Bilzerian with a model on his lap racked up 1.3m likes. She was even wearing an actual dress, rather than a bikini, or nothing whatsoever.

An extra 5.3m followers isn’t the only change over the past two years. Last time, we interviewed Bilzerian at his Las Vegas mansion; now we must make do with the considerably less opulent surroundings of the Mandrake Hotel’s penthouse suite. (And no, the comparison isn’t ironic. Not even nearly.) Bilzerian still likes a T-shirt and shorts, and wears the former no tighter than an anaconda’s squeeze. The shorts? The shorts are tiny and bright orange – and as you can see from the photos, when I say bright orange I really do mean bright orange. They would be considered garish at a Katy Perry gig.

If you don’t know Dan Bilzerian, the short explanation is: millionaire poker player who found notoriety through his larger-than-life persona, documented on an Instagram account that is a mixture of FHM, the FT’s ‘How To Spend It’, and an arms bazaar. Think a Michael Bay film with marginally fewer explosions and a lot more female flesh. Subtle, no (a thousand times, no). Effective? Absolutely. For a not-inconsiderable demographic, Bilzerian is living the American Wet Dream.

(If you want the full Bilzerian biography, involving his disgraced Wall Street raider father, his gambling exploits, the disputed source of his fortune, and his cats, track down our aforementioned cover interview – the definitive Bilzerian work, according to my mum. That’s a joke. I don’t think she’s read it.)

Dan Bilzerian for Square Mile 2019
Dan Bilzerian for Square Mile

Bilzerian is visiting London for the UK launch of his cannabis brand Ignite. Isn’t cannabis illegal here? Yes, but the cannabidiol (CBD) isn’t, hence Ignite is marketing CBD products (eg: vape) that won’t get you high but might just relax you after a stressful day at the office. Later this evening, the entire hotel will host a party filled with numerous models and influencers and journalists but very little Dan Bilzerian: our host shows face belatedly and briefly, then disappears into some kind of VIP area while everybody gets drunk at his expense. (Bilzerian is emphatically not the Jay Gatsby of the 21st century, but there are similarities beyond a consumption so conspicuous it might as well be wearing a gold top hat and bouncing on a trampoline. I’ll open with ‘permanent sense of restlessness’ and let you decide on the others.)

Fine, another: the not entirely unfairly corrupted public image. Bilzerian and the media – it isn’t that they don’t get on (although they don’t), more that they don’t understand one another, and neither side cares to try.

In The Times, Hugo Rifkind treated Bilzerian with appalled incredulity: “He might be the most famous person I’ve ever met, and I’ve never heard of him. Does any of this make any sense?” VICE spent 2,000 words sneering at the Ignite party, before being granted a two-minute audience with Bilzerian and taking him to task on the sexist branding – no, sorry, asking about the health benefits of CBD. Chris Ayres of British GQ turned up at Bilzerian’s LA mansion (not the Vegas mansion, a bigger one), refused to sign an NDA, and was forced to conduct the interview in the driveway. Two of these pieces are very much worth a read.

Ayres wrote the first major Bilzerian profile in 2015: ‘The Truth About Dan Bilzerian’. (Bilzerian wasn’t involved.) During my internship at British GQ, Ayres’s article – brilliant, incidentally – was consistently the most popular on the website. An extract runs: “his feed documents a lifestyle so outrageous and seemingly free of moral, financial or legal constraints, it’s as though he inhabits a Jason Statham movie, or a Hunter S Thompson novel – only with faster cars, less inhibited females, and more advanced weaponry.”

You can understand my trepidation when, two years later, I found myself flying out to Las Vegas to conduct Dan Bilzerian’s first-ever print interview for a lifestyle magazine (any magazine, bar the odd poker title). How did we land it? Good question. I’m still not sure.

You don’t want to piss off the interviewee after two questions, especially when this particular interviewee is sitting opposite you on their sofa, absentmindedly loading a very large gun

An American PR agency wanted to promote Blitz TV, Bilzerian’s short-lived foray into the realm of animation: cartoon depictions of particularly cartoonish escapades in a life that often seemed an ongoing homage to Hanna Barbera. (The two heart attacks, the time his coked-up friend put sharks in a swimming pool. Looney Tunes, X-rated.) The PR offered a phoner, we requested an in-person and photoshoot, and a few weeks later, still half expecting to wake up, the photographer and I were loitering by Bilzerian’s swimming pool, waiting for its owner to return from the gym.

Bilzerian’s Las Vegas pad? Lots of guns, supposedly loaded – I opted not to find out. A driveway full of vehicles that look like they might stand up at any moment, and start shooting lasers from their headlights. A games room with its own bar and cardboard cutout of Dan Bilzerian, smoking a cigar. A 21-year-old girlfriend. The girlfriend has since left – the rest, I suspect, is much the same.

My expectations for Bilzerian hovered somewhere between buffoon and psychopath, although I hadn’t ruled out psychotic buffon. Would he throw me into his swimming pool as he once threw a female porn star – which doesn’t sound so bad, except he was throwing the porn star from his rooftop, and he missed. Would he recruit me into some madcap endeavour, similar to his 33-hour cycle from Los Angeles to Vegas to win a $600,000 bet? (If so, would he stake me?) Would he scream “welcome to casa el pussy, broheim!” and seize me in a welcoming, broheimian headlock that inadvertently snapped my neck?

None of the above – although he did drive us into the desert on a dune buggy to shoot some guns, which I suppose fills one square on Bilzerian Bingo. He also posed patiently for the photographer in a white suit jacket and cargo shorts – Square Mile and Dan Bilzerian circa 2017 weren’t exactly aesthetic soulmates. We have since relaxed on the suited ‘n’ booted look, as you can see from the 2019 shoot.

Our interview was a breeze. I started with the softballs. Standard practice – you don’t want to piss off the interviewee after two questions, especially when this particular interviewee is sitting opposite you on their sofa, absentmindedly loading a very large gun. However Bilzerian never dodged a question – “Do I consider myself a feminist? Definitely not!” – and proved to be surprisingly articulate on the dislocation between his personality and his public image, and the commercial viability of playing up to the latter.

I liked him. There, I said it. Do I understand why people object to him? Absolutely. Do I think these people are wrong to do so? Of course not: in the Year of Our Lord 2019, an aggressively alpha-male millionaire who surrounds himself with a harem of women in their twenties and not much else will attract plenty of condemnation, and this isn’t Political Correctness Gone Mad but a sign Things Are Moving In The Right Direction.

Nonetheless. Nonetheless the man still elicits a certain fascination, and for many of his 40 million-odd social media followers he is not merely a mensch but a bonafide hero. And I’m sorry, while media outlets are welcome to strike a pose of appalled, righteous, condescending bemusement, there is no great mystery to Bilzerian’s popularity. He’s a daredevil provocateur known for waging vast sums of money on ridiculous bets, posing with naked models on superyachts, and shooting stuff. Bemoan the fact that Dan Bilzerian has approximately 10,000 times as many Instagram followers as Francis Fukuyama, but don’t pretend you can’t understand why.

Last time we met you wanted to start a cannabis brand. How did you do it?

A lot of hard work, a lot of pain in the ass, and yes, we hired a good team, raised a bunch of money, and off to the races.

“I think it would be kind of fun to build a business and have a focus.” Has it been?

It’s been good. I’ve had my fair share of distractions, but it’s been good.

Distractions in terms of?

Girls. The last time we talked, I had a girlfriend, monogamous, and now it’s a fucking circus. So managing all that, man, it’s a job in and of itself.

But you’re enjoying it again? Previously, you seemed a bit done with it...

Yes, yes. I mean, I knew I was going back into hell, but it was for the brand and for a purpose, so people want to see that. It’s not something that most people do, so it’s a part of the aspiration and part of the wish fulfilment.

Dan Bilzerian the hedonist sells better than Dan Bilzerian the monogamous teetotaller?

Yes, it does.

What brands did you take inspiration from when you were launching Ignite?

If I were to describe this brand using other brands, I would say kind of a Red Bull meets Playboy type of aspirational, lifestyle branding / marketing strategy.

I’m living a life that most young guys would really aspire to have. It’s all the things that I wanted when I was a kid

I think people will get onboard with that.

Yes, the extreme sports, and the girls, and the fast-paced life, the diversity, the travel, the wish fulfilment. Basically, I’m living a life that most young guys would really aspire to have. It’s all the things that I wanted when I was a kid. The fast cars, the nice houses, the hot girls, the yachts, the travelling, the jet. I think most guys are into the same things. It’s funny, because a lot of the things that guys do to impress girls really just impresses other guys.

In terms of?

I don’t know, man, getting into really good shape. Most guys think chicks are into that, and they are to some extent, but guys are more impressed with the dude that’s super-jacked. Guys are more impressed with the guy that has a super-fast car. Guys are more impressed with a huge gun collection. You know what I mean?

A lot of my friends are Navy SEALs, and they think chicks will be super-stoked by this. By the end of the night, the girl’s referring to them as a marine or whatever. You tell a guy that, and it’s like, “Oh wow, that’s a big deal.”

It’s the same way on the flip side. Girls think, “Oh, I’m going to get my nails done to impress a guy.” Guys don’t give a fuck! Girls are just impressing other girls, and guys are impressing other guys. Do you really give a fuck what kind of purse a girl’s wearing? Like, honestly? Is that of any impact on whether or not you want to sleep with, or date, a girl in any way, shape or form? Like, none. The only people that impresses are other girls.

And, vice versa with the guns and the cars.

Yeah, girls don’t give a fuck about my guns. I mean, some think it’s cool, but they couldn’t tell the difference between a BB gun and a machine gun.

Are you still working with Neil Strauss on your autobiography?

We spent a few days in San Diego. He basically wanted to do a self-help book, and I wanted to do an autobiography. He wanted to do the self-help spin, and I was just like, “You know, a lot of people don’t think that I made my money.” Also, I’m not super-relatable, and my path is not easily replicable either. So, a self-help book just didn’t seem like the right move. And so I told him that I would be open to doing a self-help book for billionaires, or basically like a life set-up book on how you can set-up your life to where you can get laid with a lot less effort. He just didn’t want to do that – I don’t think he wanted to get pigeon-holed, because he wrote The Game.

Might be a bit late for that...

Well, this would have been a different deal. The Game was about how to attract women. I wanted to dissect a life set-up. A book about how you could set up your life to make women come to you. It was a different type of book than The Game, albeit with a similar premise.

I was like, “OK, I’ll compromise. I’ll do a self-help book for billionaires.” Obviously, it would only appeal to a fraction of a percent of the population, but I thought a lot of people would read it. I mean, look, tonnes of people read Robb Report that make fucking $30,000 a year, and there’s not a car in there costs less than $100,000. People read stuff that’s not necessarily applicable to them, but it’s aspirational, and it’s interesting.

I thought people would read this self-help book for billionaires, just because they could put themselves in that position. It’s not just about hooking up with a girl. Your entire relationship will be better if the girl is chasing you and you’re the prize.

I know tonnes of guys that are super-rich that don’t get laid, so I think that’s a common misconception

It’s easier to be the prize when you’re a multi-millionaire...

Well, I know tonnes of guys that are super-rich that don’t get laid, so I think that’s a common misconception. Listen, money can make it way, way easier. If I just slapped you with a couple of hundred million bucks, you would get laid more, but I don’t know how much more.

There’s only one way to find out...

If I slapped you with fifty million bucks and told you how to set up your life correctly and use that money, I would say you could increase the amount of girls that you’d get by at least 25 times. I know tonnes of guys that have a bunch of money that haven’t increased it hardly at all.

How long have you been a weed smoker?

Since I was 11.

Can you remember your first joint?

I didn’t smoke a joint. I smoked it out of a tin can on a golf course. It’s not good for you that aluminium.

No, I can imagine.

Just poked holes in it with a needle. Yes, bad idea.

What, you get the weed, you light it, and you drop it in?

So basically, let’s say this [picks up table ornament] is a can. You push it down here, you punch a bunch of holes in it with a needle, and then you’d just inhale… Like fucking freebasing, basically.

Sounds like a lung. Cut a plastic bottle in half, then put a plastic bag over the bottom of it. Light it, bag fills up with smoke, and inhale it all in one go.

Interesting, yes. I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke out of plastic either...

No. I wasn’t on the planet for about five hours, but not in an enjoyable way.

For the people out there, this is not recommended. No tin cans, no plastic. Just stick with glass.

Yes, warning: do not try this at home. It will not get you loads of girls or make you millions of pounds.

No, no, and can cause brain damage.

At least the plastic bag might. The aluminium tin can?

I don’t know. I heard that shit’s supposed to give you Alzheimer’s or something crazy. Smoking out of metal.

You only did it once, right?

I don’t know, man, probably more.

Why is your logo a goat skull?

I always liked goats, and then The Rock tried to rip it off with his bull or whatever he’s got. But yes, I had that thing as my icon. It was on my plane. It’s been there since 2004. It was a rendition of a goat skull that a buddy of mine bought for me. I turned it into a black and white sketch. It seemed cool, so I ran with it.

You posted on social media that you’d give $10,000 to the person who designed the best version for Ignite…

The integration of the Ignite. The font, and how that would integrate with the goat skull. It worked. We had thousands of submissions and ended up with a pretty cool font.

You picked a winner?

Yes, gave him his ten grand. He was happy as a clam.

I bet. It’s a creative way of doing business.

I always think outside the box, man. And I think that a critical thing in being an entrepreneur and being successful is not following the traditional path. If you follow the traditional path, you’re going to end up doing what the fuck everybody else does, and you’re not going to stand out, and you’re not going to have a different life.

And that’s fine, you know. It’s fine if that’s what you want. I don’t know, I just never wanted a regular life.

Are there other examples of you thinking outside the box?

I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid. I never wanted to follow rules, so I always wanted to do things my own way or figure out a better way to do things.

In the military, it was always, ‘Think smarter, not harder’. And so going through boot camp, or SEAL training, whatever, you would have to do things like land nav, all sorts of different challenges and obstacles, and you’d have to think of creative ways to do them on a limited amount of sleep.

For instance, we’d have to get wet and sandy, and so I put Vaseline on my knife blade, on my Ka-Bar knife, so every time we hit the ocean, when we came back my knife wasn’t all rusted. I saved a lot of time at night not having to resharpen the knife and get all the rust off there. So, you know, little things like that.

If you follow the traditional path, you’re going to end up doing what the fuck everybody else does

Were your superiors impressed?

It depends. Some of the stuff I would get in trouble for. I got fins that had a split in the centre so that I got less extensor tendonitis; I got custom orthopaedic soles in my combat boots. A lot of things you have to be proactive and figure out. It’s almost preventative medicine, in some sense; it’s preparation, and it’s set-up. My whole thing is set up your life correctly. You’ll work harder in the beginning, but you’ll be saved a lot of headache later.

Any of that military experience applicable to running Ignite?

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the military. But there were plenty of principles that I would learn there, or discipline, or practices, or just life experience in general that I think has helped me, not just for Ignite, but throughout my life in general.

Dealing with adversity, having to be creative, having to problem solve, having to be forward-thinking and anticipate issues, because there’s very little margin for error when you’re going through that sort of training. A little mistake costs you a lot, so it makes you pay attention to detail and not let little things slip through the cracks or miss things that could later turn into big issues.

I’ve read that sales of CBD products are expected to hit $1b by 2020. What percentage of that number do you hope Ignite will have cornered?

I don’t know. I’m actually more optimistic about the nicotine side, and the future THC side, than I am the CBD. I think CBD is going to experience a lot of margin compression.

I think there are tons of people growing CBD. CBD is good, but it’s more of a health benefit: injury prevention, anxiety, sleep. It’s got a lot of things, but it doesn’t get you fucked up.

It doesn’t give you a buzz. It doesn’t help you quit smoking. So it has a limited reason for my demographic to buy.

I tried the CBD pen before bed and I slipped off, and I don’t sleep great…

It’s legit, man. I thought CBD was all bullshit. I thought it was all snake oil. I thought it was just a way to get your foot in the door for THC, but it’s not. I was helping a kid that had leukaemia, cancer, all this stuff. He was on heavy opioids, and he was nine years old. He is the one that told me how much the CBD helped, and this was years ago.

But when he told me, it’s not like this kid had a fucking CBD company. He had no dog in the fight. When he told me how much it did for him and how he was able to get off OxyContin, I was like, “Wow, maybe this isn’t bullshit,” and I started really looking into it. I then started experimenting with it. I gave it my cat when my cat had surgery.

What, Snuffball?

A different one. Muffin.

How can you give CBD to a cat?

I stuck it right under the tongue, man. There’s no toxicity limit, for people, for cats, whatever. If I gave you 20,000mg, you’d be fine.

That’s another thing: just how is something illegal when there’s no toxicity limit? It’s one of the very few things that you can’t die from. If you have too much of almost anything, you can die from it – except for this.

How is something illegal when there’s no toxicity limit? It’s one of the very few things that you can’t die from

You mentioned anxiety. Is that something you experience?

Sometimes, man. I’ve got a lot of shit going on, you know. A lot of stuff that I’m thinking about. I’m in the spotlight all the time. You ever get the feeling like somebody’s looking at you when you go out in public?

With you, I imagine people are.

Well, that’s kind of the point, right? Some people get that feeling every now and again, but for me… they’re all just fucking always looking at you, so there is a piece of that that does give you some anxiety.

If you’re in a situation and you’re trying to have a normal conversation, you have all these people fucking staring at you. It’s kind of hard for that not to mess with you a little bit, so it’s helped me out with that. I don’t really like doing interviews, or TV, or any of that stuff.

So sometimes it’s good, calming, for that. It also helps me unwind. I mean, these cell phones now – you have so much information and so much stimulus at your fingertips.

It’s too much.

It’s way too much. So it allows me to kind of shut that off a little bit at night.

Do you ever get bored of being ‘Dan Bilzerian’ – Instagram Dan Bilzerian?

In what sense?

Get tempted to abandon the public persona? Go and live on a tropical island.

Well, I definitely want to live on an island, but I… I don’t know. I have a love / hate relationship with it. I wanted to go to the UFC fight the other day, and I texted Dana White, “Hey, have you got any tickets? If you do, it would be cool.” He was like, “No problem.” He kicked four people out of the seat and gave me the absolute best possible seats you could have in the arena, literally right next to him. And everybody came up, and it was super-cool.

All the guys, they wanted the photos. Sometimes, it annoys you, but then other times it feels good to be loved. It feels good to have all these people just say positive shit to you, and have all these people want to be around you and they’re happy to see you. That is cool.

It’s weird being in that spot where you have access to almost anybody you want to talk to, any celebrity, A-lister or whatever. That’s one of the cool things about the spot that I’m in.

The negatives are you have a total loss of privacy. Everything that you do is scrutinised. You’re more likely to get in trouble for stuff. You’re more likely to be sued. People are trying to get shit from you all of the time.

There are definitely negatives, but there are some positives. And getting girls is definitely an insanely easier thing when you’re famous. So I guess, the pros and cons, some super good stuff, some super bad stuff, just like everything else in my life: big highs, big lows.

It’s weird being in that spot where you have access to almost anybody you want to talk to, any celebrity, A-lister or whatever

Do the misconceptions ever bother you?

I’ve been guilty of that, too. I’ve seen people online, and I’ve made judgements before I met them. And I’ve been totally fucking wrong numerous times. In fact, maybe more times than I’ve been right.

Any examples?

Jake Paul, for instance. I would watch his YouTube videos, and I would recoil. Then I met the guy, and he seemed like a nice guy The kid was smart. He was a smart kid. He’s obviously business savvy. He’s fucking 21 years old. He’s made millions of dollars. That’s very impressive. When I was 21, I was in the fucking military making $3,000 a month, so think of the head start this kid has got on me, and so I respect that.

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily how you get to a place – Kim Kardashian became one of the most famous people in the world from fucking a D-list celebrity. Some people would say, “Oh, that’s trashy,” but at the end of the day, she’s making millions of dollars because of that, so was that stupid or was that smart?

A lot of times, if you remove pieces of the full picture, you won’t get an accurate depiction of the person and why they do what they do. If somebody were to break into your house and steal some of your jewellery, if that’s all the information that you had, you’d be like, “That person’s a piece of shit. We should lock him up!” or “Fucking chop off their hands!” or whatever. But then if you found out they were trying to feed their family, or their kid was dying of cancer and they wanted the money to pay for the surgery, you’d probably have a different outlook. So until you have all the information, you should save judgement upon somebody that you don’t know.

That’s a surprisingly liberal point of view.

Yes, I don’t even buy into the liberal versus conservative shit. Man, I’m largely against liberals, conservatives, that whole picking a side. I think you should have your views based on your beliefs, and it shouldn’t be one or the other. I feel people nowadays get pigeon-holed, and they’re conservative or they’re liberal. It’s one of the two.

I’ve got tonnes of conservative views, tonnes of liberal views, tonnes of libertarian views. I don’t identify with any race; I don’t identify with any religion; I don’t identify with any political category. Thoughts on different subjects, and none align with any one group.

The UK is very divided right now…

That’s the trend of this decade – division. It’s one side or the other, and it’s not more of a blend, which is what it should be. People should have their opinions. They should be able to have beliefs in one side or the other and not have to choose a side.

What they need is some good quality CBD…

Yes, THC probably more than anything. I think this country needs that. This country is pretty proper, pretty conservative. It seems rigid.

Rigid in terms of?

In dress code, in being proper. They just have all these preconceived notions like you can’t go to this club if you’re not wearing a suit. Somebody invited me to a club, and they’re like, “Oh, well, it’s a mandatory jacket.” I said, “Go fuck your mother. I’m not putting on a fucking jacket to walk into a club.”

What club?

I don’t know, who cares? It’s all the fucking same. I think suits are kind of ridiculous. If you wear a suit, and you’re into fashion, then cool. I’ve just never been into that, man.

I think suits are kind of ridiculous. If you wear a suit, and you’re into fashion, then cool. I’ve just never been into that, man.

Compared to Vegas isn’t everywhere rigid?

I think London’s pretty proper. London and Japan are two of the most rigid societies.

Lots of people nowadays complain that London’s not proper enough…

Oh, man. See, I grew up in a country club where there were a bunch of people that liked to act like they were richer than they were, and because they had money, they were better than other people. I always took pride in when I became richer than all those fucking dipshits, and I didn’t look down on other people for not having as much money as me, and I didn’t put all that emphasis on my self-worth related to the money. I never liked that.

The country club that I grew up in, they looked down on my dad because he drove a Jeep and didn’t really dress that well. Then he built the biggest house in the state of Florida in that neighbourhood, and all of a sudden, everybody wanted to be his best friend.

He’s still in Saint Kitts, right?

He has now denounced his citizenship, and he is a Saint Kitts citizen, so yes.

Been to visit recently?

No, I haven’t been to Saint Kitts in a while. Wait, no, I did. I went to Saint Kitts one time very briefly. Antigua more so, because there’s a stem cell clinic opening up there.

If Ignite is successful, what next?

I’m just going to focus on other things. I want to focus on doing more stem cell stuff. I’ve got a men’s grooming line where it’s got pheromones infused, called Pheroboost, where it’s scientifically shown to attract women. There are scents that you can formulate where it will trigger attraction mechanisms.

For the guys without $50m to spare…

You’ve got to use the tools that you’ve got. So I’m kind of stoked on that. It’s actually, like, really good products. I’m pretty picky, and I don’t normally endorse any of this stuff.

The stem cell stuff – is that research?

That’s another thing that we’re doing is a stem cell clinic in Antigua. And yes, we’re approved for everything. Everything from injections into the heart, to intra-articular, to brain, to IV infusion, the whole thing.

Why go into that field?

I’ve been doing stem cell treatments on myself for about five years, and I’ve noticed marked results. I’m a pretty big believer in stem cells. The only downside is the price.

That’s where you do need that $50m, huh?

At least, man. $30,000 to $40,000 a treatment. That shit adds up.

What will you be doing in old age?

In old age? I don’t know. Hopefully, trying to turn the clock back. I’m not looking forward to getting old, I can tell you that.

Does anyone? Or what comes after...

I never worry about that. I think I’ll be coming back in a new fresh body and doing this whole fucking thing all over again.



Same body? Different one?

No, definitely not the same one. I think you come here, and it’s kind of a roll of the dice of what you get, or maybe it’s because you’ve got to learn certain lessons or whatever. But then you come back and you do it over again.

As a human, or could it be animals as well?

I would like to think that it would be as a human. Animals are probably a little different. I don’t think their minds work the same, so it would be a whole different experience.

What animal would you pick?

Man, I don’t know. Maybe a dolphin. I hear they’re pretty intelligent animals. I’d definitely want something that could use a good part of my brain. You can swim. You can communicate telepathically. That seems kind of cool.

For more in Ignite, see ignite.com