Want to see a musical megastar in the making?

The brilliant Santino Le Saint will be headlining XOYO on Tuesday 26 November. We featured Santino in Square Mile earlier this year – 'Santino Le Saint is on the road to stardom' – and it's fair to say the singer-songwriter’s star has continued to rise.

As well as the show, which isn’t to be missed, the date will see the release of Call You When I Get Home, the third single from Santino’s debut mixtape, a collaboration with LA producer Sidney Swift.

Santino describes the inspiration thus:

"This was written in LA about my girlfriend who was in London. We were arguing because I didn't call her enough. I was out there for work and she thought I was out partying and to be honest sometimes I was. One night I left her a drunk voicemail. I turned it into this song.

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“This is only the second song I’ve released which I didn’t produce myself. Working with Sidney was a real experience, the guy is a genius and we really wanted to make something that felt cinematic and epic.”

Oh, and on top of the music, there’s also the launch of the collaborative fashion line between Satino and designer Maria Gulina. Santino le Saint T-shirts and Maria Don't Call Me phone cases will be available at the show.

Never forget, you heard him here first.

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