Picture it. You’re hungry: You’re sitting at your desk and you’re hungry. You pull out that chicken pasta and eat it at the desk, it simply tastes like chicken and pasta. Then you slump into a drowsy semi-siesta for a few hours.

This is how we eat in the city – whether you are a connoisseur of all meal deals within a 0.5 mile radius, or have perfected cooking a bulk order of basic carb-and-protein... the options are bland, or you’ve had them before.

While a third of Londoners actively try to leave their desks for lunch, “al desko” is practically synonymous with lunch for the London worker. You have targets and deadlines, after all: long gone are the days of a good lunch break, mindful eating and healthy practice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous saying: `the first wealth is health’ rarely seems to apply anymore. 

A family enterprise of food-lovers and nutritional scientists, Junius believes workplaces can be transformed by utilising Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophy to prioritise health. Health and positive productivity go hand in hand, after all.

The new food-to-go option was formed to reinvent al desko dining and revolutionise workplace eating habits, putting health at the top of the menu

Coming from a sound knowledge of nutritional science, Junius creates recipes designed at making workplace well-being a priority – using seven colour-coded pillars which correspond specific set of health goals. These are: 

POW, ZEN, SPA, ZAP, ZIP, FAB and REV – each designed to improve workplace nutrition through tranquility, strength, balance, drive, resilience and much more.

The founders received twelve separate wins at the 2019 Nourish Awards

Each item in the Junius range is designed around the active phytonutrients and superfoods that support a particular pillar of well-being, allowing both an employer and employee to customise health goals.

“At Junius we fully understand that busy professionals want to make healthy food choices and either lack the time or they don’t know exactly what to choose to meet their personal needs.” says Maria King, a founder.

The food has passed the taste tests too. Earlier this month they received twelve separate wins at the 2019 Nourish Awards, which are judged blind-tasted by a panel of industry professionals, health food experts and nutritionists.

Minimum order value of £100; For more information, visit Junius and Instagram