If you love your car more than you love yourself, which let’s be honest, many of us do, then you’re going to want it stored in the best place possible. Some sort of secluded and secure car hotel of its own, somewhere that provides ultimate care, but that can have the car ready to drive at a moment's notice. Enter: Moss Automotive.

Although only recently launching, and in a discreet location (the website enigmatically describes the location as 2 mins from the M25 and 30 minutes from Central London), Moss Automotive already has established a loyal customer base of car collectors just through word of mouth.

Unsurprisingly, its combination of old-fashioned personal service and state-of-the-art facilities is in strong demand.

When Moss Automotive talk about offering a ‘forensically clean environment’ to store your car in, they mean it. You won’t hear, see, or smell an exotic V12 being roared up inside the space. Nor any other engine, in fact. Instead, the precious cargo is transported by vehicle movers, which silently glide across the laboratory-clean floors.

In addition to the cleanliness, the purpose-built building is designed to contain the optimum environment for storing vehicles: a constant 15°C temperature and 55% relative humidity with air filtration. There's capacity for 300 cars, for short or long-term storage.

In addition to the facility itself, all cars are cleaned before entering. Detailing, storage and transport services to and from the secure storage venue are also offered as part of the service.

Whether Central London’s dusty space constraints are an issue or you want to be able to hop off the plane and into your pride and joy, Moss Automotive offers an ideal solution.

Michael, the Founder of Moss Automotive is an enthusiastic car collector, and built the facility to meet his exacting standards and satisfy his fanatical attention to detail:

“While a car is in our care, we ensure any requirement to move, store or enhance a vehicle is attended to. If you want your favoured marque specialist to work on your car on-site, or have it delivered to and from our facility. If your Beetle needs a concours detailing for an event tomorrow, or your F40 must be delivered to a track event in the South of France for the weekend, it's no problem. Just the way I would want my own collection of cars to be looked after.”

For more information, visit mossauto.co.uk