While the price of a pint may seemingly increase here on a daily basis, Brighton has more pubs per square mile than most other cities around the country - and that includes London.

To put it another way, Brighton has an absolute TON of pubs to choose between, with each offering its own unique vibe, atmosphere and - most importantly - a wide variety of beers.

However, whether it be Hove, Kemptown, Patcham or Southwick, Brighton's pubs are scattered here, there and everywhere so, during your visit here, it's important to know where you need to go.

But have no fear, the beer guide is here.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the best of Brighton's watering holes, providing you with all the vital information you need to know in advance - from the choice of beer to whether it's dog friendly to any additional titbits of information we think you might need.

The Robin Hood

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If you love evoking a friendly sense of a competition with a beer or five over a decent board game, then The Robin Hood is the pub for you.

Situated close to Boundary Passage - the separating line between Brighton and Hove - The Robin Hood may not have a beer garden or the best choice of real ales or cider but it makes up for both of these facts with some of the friendliest bar staff you'll ever meet and a wide variety of artisan pizzas.

Oh, and did I mention it has a TON of board games too? From cult classics like Connect 4 to slightly saucier favourites like Cards Against Humanity, The Robin Hood is the ideal place to spend your morning, afternoon, evening, or all three - it's honestly that good.

It also gets the big screen out during any of the big sporting events and has some of the comfiest seating options you will find in Brighton, akin to relaxing in someone's very cosy living room.

Beer garden?

No, but Norfolk Square Gardens are less than a minute walk away, one of STORROR's - a famous Brighton-based parkour group - favourite free running hangout spots.

Dog friendly?

Yes! More than you would believe, with a variety of dog treats and water bowls greeting you as you walk in.

Drink choice?

Fairly decent - Camden Hells, Brewdog Punk IPA, Symonds Cider, Amstel, etc. You also have to try a Skittles vodka shot while you're here. They're unbelievable.

The World's End

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Microbrewery? Tick. Beer garden? Tick. Virtual reality? Tick. What more could you possibly need? Situated towards the top of London Road, The World's End is one of Brighton's most popular joints largely due to the wide variety of games and activities it has available.

Serving beer from the Laine Pub Co, the establishment also houses a number of virtual reality platforms, a large Scalextric track, an arcade and an escape room. In other words, it offers the perfect recipe for a great night out.

What's more, being on London Road, the pub is located near The Joker - a pub well known for its chicken wings - and The Hare & Hounds - an airy joint which boasts a large beer garden and a great range of craft beer.

Beer garden?

Yes! There is a decent-sized beer garden out the back taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the London Road noise. Plus, Unbarred Brewery is based behind the pub - yet another brilliant place to visit if you're in the market for some truly crafty Sussex beer.

Dog friendly?

Yes! Although they won't be able to take part in any of the virtual reality or Scalextric activities, unfortunately.

Drink choice?

Crafty! With its very own microbrewery, the pub serves a wide range of beers from the Laine Pub Company, including Ripper Session IPA, Source IPA, Breaker Pale Ale, Word Lager and Mangolicious, if you're feeling a little fruity.

The Walrus

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Situated in the heart of The Lanes, if you'd rather avoid the hustle and bustle of one of its neighbour pubs - The Cricketers and The Black Lion - The Walrus is a highly popular Brighton pub that provides the ideal way to end a day exploring the city.

Offering a ridiculously good drink choice, the pub is also known for hosting a wide variety of themed quiz nights - from Harry Potter to Disney to more general trivia.

But, that's not all. The Walrus also serves a huge range of incredible food, including steaks, venison and a large selection of seafood options, as well as Tuaca - a staple Sussex drink widely enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Beer garden?

Yes - several. The Walrus is a multi-storey pub with a different atmosphere on every level. There is even a roof terrace at the very top as well, offering incredible views across The Lanes, Brighton Palace Pier and the Brighton beachfront.  

Dog friendly?

You betcha, although it can get a little bit loud and busy during the weekends.

Drink choice?

Very Brighton, very varied and very good. Serving classics like Guinness, Heineken and Thatcher's Gold, as well as craft favourites like Beavertown, Tiny Rebel and Lilley's, there is also an expansive wine and gin menu to choose between. In other words, you'll be left spoilt for choice.

Quick-fire round...

We get it. Sometimes you just want to visit somewhere with a purpose in mind - whether that be for a roast dinner, rooftop bar or selection of craft beer.

Whatever it may be, don't worry - we've got you covered. Read on...

Best Brighton pubs for roast dinners?

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Pretty much any pub in Brighton will offer a Sunday roast of some variety or other but, if you're looking for somewhere extra amazing, then either Hove Place or one of its sister pubs - The LongmanLadies Mile or The Cricketers - are the best ones to consider.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to have more of a homely home-cooked carvery option, The Fox On The Downs up by Brighton Racecourse is another great choice.

Best Brighton pubs for board and bar games?

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While The Robin Hood may steal the limelight as the best board game pub in Brighton, The Caxton Arms and Easy Tiger also have a wide variety of options to choose between.

In terms of other classic bar games, like darts and pool, the Hove Park TavernThe StationThe Prestonville Arms and the Martha Gunn are worth adding to your list.

Best Brighton pubs for craft beer?

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The clue may be in the name but The Craft Beer Co on Upper North Street serves a wide variety of craft beers from breweries around the country.

Alternatively, any of the pubs owned by Brighton Bier are well worth a visit as well - whether that be Kemptown's Brighton Bierhaus, Preston Park's Freehaus or Hanover's Haus on the Hill.

Best Brighton pubs for beer gardens?

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Two words: The Sidewinder.

Situated in the heart of Kemptown, The Sidewinder has four beer gardens to choose from, each as warm and cosy as the next.

The Mesmerist and The Walrus are also well-known around the area for their excellent rooftop seating areas, while The Westbourne and The Garden Bar in Western Hove are great alternative options to consider with massive spaces to relax in.

Best Brighton pubs for dogs?

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While nearly every pub in Brighton is dog-friendly, pooches tend to feel most at home at one of Preston Park's best offerings - The Park View or the Preston Park Tavern.

Alternatively, The CrescentThe Shakespeare's HeadThe Pump HouseThe ConnaughtThe Regency Tavern and The Prince Albert are all very dog-friendly pubs with treats, water bowls and fussings a'plenty.

Best Brighton pubs for quizzes?

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Brighton hosts several pub quizzes throughout the week so, depending on when you visit, you'll have a variety of options.

Visiting on a Monday? Head to The Lion & Lobster. Tuesday? The Thomas Kemp. Wednesday? The West Hill Tavern or The North Laine Pub & Brewery. Thursday? The Palmeira. Friday or Saturday? Get drunk instead. Sunday? The Prince George.

Best pubs on Brighton beach?

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Brighton is referred to as London-by-the-sea for a reason so, if you're looking for a boozer or two that you can frequent after lounging around on the beach, then Brighton Music Hall is a must-visit.

Moreover, The Tempest is great for events like bottomless brunch, while its neighbour - The Fortune of War - is the ideal pub to soak up the seafront views.

Best Brighton pubs for cider?

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While nearly every pub in Brighton will offer a cider of some variety, if that is your tipple of choice, then The Freemasons in Hove is the perfect place for you.

Similarly, heading a little further on down the road, both The Wick Inn and The Crescent also offer a good variety of both beers and ciders.

Best Brighton pubs for watching sport?

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Depending on the sport you are interested in watching, Brighton has a variety of choice.

For general football, cricket and rugby matches, The George Street TapThe EdinburghThe FontThe Fiddlers Elbow and The Lion & Lobster are all well-known for showing the biggest games.

Whereas, if you're only interested in watching Brighton & Hove Albion's football matches, The Queen's Head and The Black Lion are two of the most popular choices.