You may have heard a thing or two about Shoreditch – whether you’re from the big smoke or not. That it’s edgy, that it’s cool, that it’s one of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, or even that it’s become a bit of a parody of itself in the last few years… and to be honest, all of these statements are arguably true in their own way.

But one thing you might not know, and what makes Shoreditch one of London’s most sought-after spots, is its astounding pub, bar and rooftop selection.

It’s the reason going there on a Saturday is like going to a weekly pub crawl festival, and we’re also pretty sure it’s the reason Thursday became an acceptable day to get Friday-drunk however many years ago.

From the infamous rooftop pool at Shoreditch House to some of London’s oldest boozers, the area boasts an eclectic pub offering.

So, here’s our nifty guide to the best bars and pubs in Shoreditch.

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Best pubs in Shoreditch

The Crown and Shuttle

What’s the beer selection like?

Award-winning. Put simply, there are enough lagers, IPAs, APAs and ciders to keep a small army happy. The “spritz and cocktail” menu isn’t half bad either, with everything from a classic Aperol through to a Bottle Aged Negroni on offer.

How’s the food?

Good pub grub, with an east London twist – by that, we mean there are good veggie and vegan options. The pub is best known for its mouth-watering burgers (bacon, vegan or fish finger), but expect a few surprise items on the menu such as the crispy cauliflower wings.

Is there a beer garden?

Is there a beer garden? Come on now. Yes, there is. In fact, the Crown and Shuttle might well be best known and loved for its loud, large and lively beer garden. If you don’t believe us, it won Time Out London’s best place to drink in the sun award back in 2018.

Anything else to note?

If you’re ever looking for a private space to hire for the night, the Crown and Shuttle has its very own – called Filthy Fanny’s (don’t ask us) – which promises to whisk you and your mates “back to the streets of the Nineties”.

When is the Crown and Shuttle open?

  • Monday – Wednesday: 4pm to 11pm
  • Thursday: Midday to Midnight
  • Friday – Saturday: Midday to 1am
  • Sunday: Midday to 10pm

226 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6PJ; The Crown and Shuttle

Owl & Pussycat

What’s the beer selection like?

Abundant. You’ll find pretty much any beer, cider and spirit you can think of at Owl & Pussycat. There’s also a great cocktail selection – Passiontini, Espresso Martini and Long Island Iced Tea included.

How’s the food?

Really good. There’s everything from a sandwich menu – with a particularly well-liked rump beef and horseradish – to your classic pub options: baked camembert, salt and pepper calamari and haloumi fries.

Sharing boards also make an appearance on the menu, with the owl meat and owl veggie offerings said to be a particular favourite of returning customers.

Is there a beer garden?

You bet. It’s not the biggest outside space, but it’s cosy and always busy – offering good vibes and giving the pub that extra-special London summer feeling.

Anything else to note?

Sundays. We say that so briefly because, quite simply, a Sunday at the Owl and Pussycat is something you do once and then want to do every week.

Not only are the roasts unparalleled – did someone say bottomless Yorkshire puddings and unlimited gravy? – but the pub gets its very own Crumble Guy to sort out dessert. Get a booking now.

When is Owl & Pussycat open?

  • Monday – Tuesday: 11am to 11pm
  • Wednesday – Saturday: 11am to midnight
  • Sunday: 11am to 10.30pm

34 Redchurch St, London E2 7DP; Owl & Pussycat

The Commercial Tavern

What’s the beer selection like?

This is where we get to the boozer side of Shoreditch. The Commercial Tavern – or simply The Commercial to those who know it – has the feels, and beer selection, of your Day 1 London pub. We’re talking porters – beer that was developed in London in the 18th century – stouts and just about every lager you could possibly think of.

But because The Commercial knows the importance of staying up to date with its neighbours, there’s also every kind of spirit and cocktail you can think of too. Roku gin with a ginger infusion? Check. Campari Spritz? Check. Negroni? Check. Need we say more?

How’s the food?

Similar to the drinks, it’s classic with a modern twist. There’s only pizza on the menu – sourdough, of course – but guess what? You can pay £3 more for a gluten free base and £2.50 extra for a vegan cheese topping.

Is there a beer garden?

While it’s not strictly a garden, The Commercial is one of those pubs where the majority of its customers spend their time standing or sitting out the front. Even if there aren’t any seats left, trust us, you won’t feel out of place kicking it on the curbside with a cold pint in hand.

Anything else to note?

There’s a great upstairs area that can be hired out. Aside from that, it’s all about the authenticity.

When is the Commercial Tavern open?

  • Monday – Thursday: 4pm to 11pm
  • Friday – Saturday: Midday to 11pm
  • Sunday: Midday to 10.30pm

142-144 Commercial St, London E1 6NU; The Commercial Tavern

The Big Chill

What’s the beer selection like?

The Big Chill is more of a bar than a pub, we must admit, but it’s one of the best spots on Brick Lane for day drinking or a night out so we had to include it.

Drinks choices vary from a vast selection of craft beers, wine and spirits through to cocktails. The spirits list in particular is far too lengthy to include here, but let’s just say you can expect just about any cocktail to be doable for the friendly bar staff here.

If you’re in the mood for something other than a beer, we’d recommend either the Hemingway Margarita (£9.50) or the Pimp My Espresso (also £9.50) – where the “pimping” includes adding a shot of tequila. Our kind of place.

How’s the food?

Lovely. Beef burgers, chicken burgers, vegan burgers (not the plural – a rare offering for us non-meat eaters) and loaded fries… what more could you possibly want? That was a rhetorical question.

Is there a beer garden?

Yes, there is. It’s out the front and has plenty of tables and chairs, plus you’re right in the buzz of Brick Lane.

Anything else to note?

The Brick Lane branch has a sister in King’s Cross, so you can choose where to spend your Thursday, Friday, Saturday… or any night.

Both have regular DJ events, with large groups often flocking to the Big Chill for birthday celebrations or just a good night out. You can find out what’s coming up here.

When is the Big Chill open?

  • Monday – Tuesday: 5pm to midnight
  • Wednesday – Thursday: Midday to midnight
  • Friday – Saturday: Midday to 1am
  • Sunday: Midday to 11pm

Dray Walk, Brick Ln, London E1 6QL; The Big Chill

Queen of Hoxton

What’s the beer selection like?

Welcome to one of Shoreditch’s most popular rooftop spots. As you’d expect, there’s just about everything to drink on offer, whether you’re after a beer, spirit, cocktail or fruity cider.

How’s the food?

What you’d expect. There are burgers and all the sides to go with them, as well as a pretty unique brunch experience on Saturday’s, which we’ll explain a little more below.

Is there a beer garden?x

The rooftop is one of east London’s – if not London’s – worst kept secrets, and for good reason. Whether you’re after a day party or a club night, the Queen of Hoxton has got it all.

Serving up some of the best burgers, drinks and iconic views of Shoreditch, it’s perfect for a date, catch ups with mates and weekend day-drinking.

Anything else to note?

Considering it doubles as a club, there are too many upcoming events to list, so check them out yourself here.

One thing to note is the Queen of Hoxton’s bottomless brunch, which takes place every Saturday in two sittings, and features never-ending prosecco and waffles. The unique spin? It’s a drag brunch, inclusive of drag bingo games, pop tunes, prizes and surprises.

When is the Queen of Hoxton open?

  • Sunday – Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 4pm to 2am
  • Saturday: 4pm to 2am

1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX; Queen of Hoxton

The Griffin

What’s the beer selection like?

Plentiful. There are beers from all over the world at The Griffin – from the UK, to the Republic of Ireland, to Brussels and even Australia – so you won’t be left disappointed.

There’s also a pretty famous ELLC Negroni here, named after the East London Liquor Co gin it uses, which we would highly recommend trying out.

How’s the food?

As the pub says on its Instagram page, “Mate, we’re a boozer.” That’s not to say there’s no food, but there is a limited time frame for the small selection of toasted sandwiches it does early on in the day.

Still, at least you know from the off you’re walking into one of Shoreditch’s finest, all-out drinking spots.

Is there a beer garden?

Not technically, but there are some benches outside which you’ll see full on a weekday night.

Anything else to note?

The Griffin prides itself on serving beers from around the globe – as we mentioned above – so we’d recommend trying something new if you do happen to give this lovely pub a go.

When is The Griffin open?

  • Monday – Friday: Midday to Midnight
  • Saturday: Midday to 1am
  • Sunday: Closed

93 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RD; The Griffin

Juju’s Bar & Stage

What’s the beer selection like?

Marvellous. Located in the Truman Brewery, Juju’s has a wide-ranging selection of lagers, pale ales and ciders.

There’s also a love for Mezcal here, so expect a huge offering of straight or cocktail-infused Mezcal drinks. (If you don’t know what Mezcal is, it’s a distilled Mexican alcoholic beverage made from any type of maguey.)

How’s the food?

Delicious. Run by the Chunky Buddha Group, Juju’s menu has everything from a Godzilla Chicken Burger through to a variety of Buddha Bowls and specialities such as Tofu-loaded fries.

Is there a beer garden?

There is. Located in a kind of car-park-come-garden, Juju’s in the height of summer is exactly what you’d imagine from an east London pub: effortlessly cool. Expect great outdoor vibes and then a move inside for more fun and games.

Anything else to note?

Juju’s official name is Juju’s Bar & Stage – a warehouse bar and events space – so you can expect a huge variety of events, from live music to independent film screenings, DJ nights, dance classes, popular talks, food pop ups and more. And best of all, it runs six days and nights a week.

When is Juju’s open?

  • Tuesday – Sunday: Midday to 11.30pm
  • Monday: Closed

Ely's Yard, 15 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR; Juju's Bar

Boundary Rooftop Bar and Grill

What’s the beer selection like?

As good as any pub or bar. There’s also a wide selection of cocktails, wines and Champagnes available.

How’s the food?

From Easter through to late summer, the Rooftop offers “a slice of the Medi”, in its own words. Grilled meats and fish are on offer, alongside fresh and simple salads and southern French delicacies such as olives, tapenade and charcuterie.

During the colder months, the inspiration for the menu comes from the Alpine regions and being on the rooftop is like a ski holiday without the hard work – think cheese fondue and melting raclette with hot cocktails to warm your insides.

Is there a beer garden?

The name says it all. In fact, Boundary’s Rooftop may just be one of the most Instagrammed spots in London. Why? Because not only are there unmatched views of the City and east London, but you can enjoy them from the stylish surroundings of the heated orangery, bar, grill and outdoor terrace.

Open come rain or shine, the Rooftop is the perfect destination for lazy lunches, afternoon cocktails, balmy evenings and cosy nights alike.

Anything else to note?

The Boundary is first and foremost a hotel, so if you’re looking to make a weekend of it and aren’t local – what better place to stay? Rooms start from just under £200.

When is Boundary Rooftop open?

  • Monday – Friday: 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: Midday to 11pm

2-4 Boundary St, London E2 7DD; Boundary London