Bombay Sapphire has collaborated with the celebrated photographer Rankin for a campaign celebrating and promoting creativity.

The ‘Stirred by Rankin’ series features portraits of established and emerging names from the worlds of art, music, fashion and food. T

“Creativity comes in many different guises” said Rankin on the partnership, “and whatever roles we take on in life, it’s important to have a creative outlet and my portraits show how creativity is a fundamental part of all of us.”

Many of the photographed artists worked with Bombay Sapphire to set up CANVAS London; a pop-up bar doubling up as an art gallery, its walls, floor and ceiling covered in different individual works.

Missed it? No matter: there will be more CANVAS events across Europe, taking place in the UK (Manchester), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.

We'll be running an exclusive interview with Rankin in our September issue but for now you can check out the portraits below.