Do you feel time is against you when it comes to having children? And that you’d like to have children sooner rather than later?

Do you consider you have a lot to offer the right person yet can’t seem to meet someone despite living in a city of eight million people?

The Stork is the world’s first introduction agency exclusively for single people who would like to have children sooner rather than later. Within a romantic coupling or outside of one (the latter is sometimes referred to as ‘co-parenting’, just as a divorced or separated couple would do: think of all the people around you who have had children and have parted ways, often enduring severe losses and heartache in the process. The truth is that there are very few situations out there that could describe as ‘perfect’).

The question all our members have asked themselves along the way – and continue to ask even after they have joined – is “How long am I prepared to wait for exactly what I want, and what is my ‘Plan B?’”. This is a personal decision for everyone to make in their own time, but our emphasis is to match on compatibility, shared goals and values, and remembering that time waits for no man or woman.

We are often asked, ‘How was the company born?’. There are a myriad of reasons but it was largely driven by a stark realisation of the statistics relating to us having children in the modern age: namely, that between 1 in 5 and 1 in 4 men and women between the ages of 41 and 45 are now without children, compared to around 1 in 10 in 1946. Is the waiting and holding out making us miss out on having a family altogether? And why does it feel so much more difficult nowadays to find the ‘right’ person? Are men less willing to commit? Are women becoming more demanding?

Despite modern advancements in communications and technology, something actually seems to be getting harder rather than easier when it comes to meeting life partners

If this statistic doesn’t apply to us personally, it certainly does to someone we know and love. And despite modern advancements in communications and technology, something actually seems to be getting harder rather than easier when it comes to meeting life partners. How can this be?

The advent of the internet and all its offerings in the dating world has certainly contributed to making us fussier. Why settle for someone who doesn’t meet every selected ‘tick box’ when there may be someone ‘more perfect’ around the corner or at the next click? And what effect is this approach actually having on our lives and relationships? Put simply, it means we are waiting. For longer. And for ‘more’.

The Stork’s current membership consists of educated, affluent and motivated individuals from all walks of life and professions such as banking, legal and media sectors as well as actors and entrepreneurs, although our main aim is to recruit thoroughly decent folk.

The ethos is simple: to match like-minded individuals who want the same thing; to start a family or have a child sooner rather than later – not necessarily within a traditional romantic framework, but always with both parents involved.

We also help people to find someone they would like to stay with for a lifetime.

Whatever your chosen path or preference The Stork can help you achieve it with someone who thinks like you do.

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