A favourite of lovers of mid-century design, USM furniture is recognised throughout the World as a design classic.

The success of USM is owing to its simple yet ingenious design. From a few basic components a beautiful and iconic piece of furniture is built which can easily be reconfigured for maximum creativity.

New for 2021, USM has introduced a new range of plant accessories that bring nature into the heart of the home with all of the associated health benefits.

With an easy-to-integrate design, USM Haller's new world of plants creates stunning green landscapes in the blink of an eye – for both existing and budding plant lovers.

These days, we spend 80% to 90% of our time indoors every day. Adding plants to a room significantly improves our well-being, helping to reduce stress and boost productivity.

USM Haller

USM's new world of plants is a simple, modular solution for its USM Haller modular furniture system that allows customised greenery to be added to various areas of life.

This includes panels with pot cut-outs, specially developed pots and a watering set. The panels are available in five sizes and 14 USM colours. The pots come in one size and two colours (Terracotta and Basalt).

This simple and elegant system creates a green oasis of well-being in the living room or an eye-catching feature in the kitchen, for example in the form of a herb trolley. In short, the world of plants for USM Haller enhances any room and blends in seamlessly with the surroundings.

USM Haller

It can also be combined with the USM Haller E advanced lighting solution, Haller E integrates power and light directly into the structure of the furniture wirelessly.

Dimmable lighting elements can be discreetly retracted into the metal rods to serve a variety purposes – they can light shelves and display cases from the inside or effectively cover a room wall with light, and you can choose from a daylight glow or a warm light ambience.

The combination of USM’s World of Plants and Haller E creates a stunning focal point to any room with a warm and intimate atmosphere that immediately banishes everyday stress.

As always with USM modular furniture systems, the new accessories can also be integrated into existing furniture configurations. Always sustainable – and now with green components: the Swiss company remains committed to environmental responsibility.

For more information, visit the USM London Showroom, 49-51 Central Street, EC1V 8AB; call 020 7183 3470; or go to usm.com