The outfit: BOSS

BOSS Performance

BOSS Performance

BOSS has long been associated with high-performance clothing, and its new BOSS Performance collection takes this to its natural conclusion.

New for Autumn/Winter 2021, BOSS Performance blends modern style with all-new capabilities: technical fabrics, multi-functional designs, and inventive details have all been incorporated to ensure the clothes can keep up with your lifestyle.

Blending the lines between office and home, the collection that is flexible and works for all wearing occasions. For example, Signature BOSS suits are crafted from four-way stretch fabric that flexes effortlessly with the movement of the body. Suit jackets feature breathable, stretch linings, and secure interior pockets to store earbuds. Tailored shirts are cut from breathable, high-stretch, and trans-seasonal materials, offering thermal regulation for year-round wear. Meanwhile outerwear utilises three-layer water-repellent fabric with a windproof membrane to protect against the elements.

BOSS Performance slim-fit jacket, £349; low-top leather trainers £279; slim-fit trousers in performance-stretch fabric, £169.

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Block check purple cashmere stole, £395

JOSHUA ELLIS Block check purple cashmere stole, £395

You know they say you have to study for 10,000 hours to become an expert in something? How about 2,225,040 hours (give or take)? That’s how long Joshua Ellis has been making scarves, so it’s safe to say the British brand is best in class. Founded in 1767, Joshua Ellis is the godfather of cashmere – making the very best woollen garments from its historic Yorkshire mill.

The brand also works in normal wool, camel hair and vicuña – but everything it makes is elegant, soft and manages that enviable balance of luxurious yet understated.

In two and a half centuries, Joshua Ellis has only been owned by three families – the latest, the family-owned SIL Group based in Bradford.

It’s unapologetically old-school in its craftsmanship – its 35 craftspeople boast a combined total of 1,150 years of experience, with skills passed down the generations. And every Joshua Ellis scarf goes through 21 different processes before it is deemed perfect for sale.

One of our favourite pieces from the latest collection is this block check purple cashmere stole.

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Islay in Teak Oiled Sides, £500

CROCKETT & JONES Islay in Teak Oiled Sides, £500

Crockett & Jones’ Islay boots already come with some pretty impressive credentials: they were worn by James Bond in Skyfall, chosen specifically for the role by Daniel Craig.

Traditionally, the Islay comes in a rich brown Scotch grain. They’re very dark and brooding – not unlike Craig’s portrayal of Bond. But for AW21, Crockett & Jones are releasing them in a new colour and leather.

They’re made from Crockett & Jones’ new Teak Oiled Sides: this is actually a thicker leather than used on its predecessor, which gives it extra protection. It’s also hard wearing, enabling it to stand up to the toughest conditions and last forever.

Its impressive water resistance is accompanied by a storm welt to keep the wearer dry. Should you, say, ford a river, it’s also quick drying, so you won’t have to wait too long. (Pub, pint, and walk on – for example.)

The Islay also features a chunky, cleated rubber sole and gunmetal eyelets, while full leather lining and a waterproof membrane interlining provides a breathable, sturdy,
not to mention fashionable boot.

Very good, Mr Bond.

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Slimline shirt in gingham checked blue, £149

STENSTRÖMS Slimline shirt in gingham checked blue, £149

Gingham comes from the Malayan word genggang meaning ‘striped’. The style dates back more than five centuries, and originates from when coloured yarns (the warp) were contrasted against uncoloured yarns (the weft). The lightweight texture worked wonders in the heat and humidity of southeast Asia.

In the 18th century, the West caught on to the fabric’s appeal – and added a twist. Or, rather, a check. Inspired by the already popular tartans of the time, the ‘new gingham’ comprised a more orderly pattern which has since been adopted by every sector of society from City bankers to university lecturers.

Swedish high-quality brand Stenströms is a master at making them – this checked blue version our pick for AW21.

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Men’s cashmere cherry red crew neck jumper, £129

LINEA AZZURRO Men’s cashmere cherry red crew neck jumper, £129

All of Linea Azzurro’s luxury knitwear is crafted in an artisan factory in Italy, and its cashmere yarn is sustainably sourced from Cashmere goats in Mongolia. Unlike many of its competitors, Linea Azzurro has traceability from goat to garment.

The results are soft, luxurious and durable – and its pieces are the perfect building blocks for any Autumn/Winter wardrobe. The brand’s latest ready-to-wear collection consists of 100% cashmere V-neck and crew neck jumpers, the newly introduced 100% Merino wool crew-neck jumpers, and a Cotton Cashmere blend available as a men’s half zip jumper style in four colours.

We’re big fans of this 100% Cashmere cherry red crew neck jumper, which will ensure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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Farini cabin bag, £680

MAXWELL-SCOTT Farini cabin bag, £680

Maxwell-Scott is a British brand specialising in leather goods. Its accessories have been handmade in Italy for the last 22 years, and remains a small private business based in York.

The brand prides itself on sourcing the finest full-grain European cowhides which are then handcrafted at its exclusive, family-run Tuscan factory. The rich colours of its products are created using the vegetable tanning process that end to end is fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. An ancient craft that can take up to 40 days, this highlights the patience and skill behind each creation as well as the brands dedication to sustainable thinking over fast fashion.

Now the world is beginning to open up again, this Farini cabin bag is our pick of the crop.

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The trousers: MR MARVIS

The Easies, £99

MR MARVIS The Easies, £99

The new Easies from Mr Marvis are the ultimate jogging pants. They’re soft enough to be as comfortable as your favourite chair, yet smart enough that you won’t get caught off guard if your neighbour pops by.

In a world where WFH has become the norm for many, the Easies are an ideal balance between style and comfort. The hybrid design sees a merging of chino with sweatpant, that are so smart you can even get away with them at the office.

Unlike sweatpants, the ankles aren’t cuffed, which gives them a more clean and stylish aesthetic.

The reason they’re so comfortable is down to the fabric – a mixture of 73% GOTS-certified organic cotton, 17% polyamide, and 10% elastane. This makes the fabric super soft and stretchy, and also resistant to creasing or wrinkles. Forget skinny fit, these are on the wide side of regular, which is bang on trend, not to mention far more relaxing to wear.

There’s a huge range of colours available, including The Oysters, see here. New for this season are The Lakes, The Newmans, The Midnights and The Mavericks.

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The trainers: SKECHERS

Arch Fit Titan, £80

SKECHERS Arch Fit Titan, £80

When it comes to running, we need all the help we can get – and there’s no better place to start than finding the right trainers for you.

The Skechers Arch Fit range is designed to offer all-day and all-run comfort. Skechers’ patented Arch Fit insole system was designed by podiatrists – the result of 20 years of data and 120,000 foot scans. The removable insole helps mold to your foot to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion.

The textured mesh upper keeps you cool – and looks even cooler.
But if they do need a clean, they’re fully machine washable, too.

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The hoodie: NIKBEN

Rodeo hoodie, £82

NIKBEN Rodeo hoodie, £82

Following a career in finance, Nicklas Abrahamsson decided that he wanted to do something for himself away from an industry that was no longer fulfilling him: “I always wanted to start my own business and when the swimwear industry really started to take off in 2013, I started to look at the possibilities within the sector – it’s very different from having a denim and casual apparel brand for example were there are so many brands. There are actually very few main players in swimwear.”

He joined forces with friend Benjamin Lega to launch Nikben, a stylish new challenger brand in the resort wear market.

Alongside trunks and swimsuits made from recycled plastic bottles, the brand has branched out to other casual wear like this Rodeo hoodie.

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Iconic Quipu hand stitch cardigan, £392

THEODORE HERALD Iconic Quipu hand stitch cardigan, £392

The concept of power dressing is about as outdated as a Sony Walkman. Instead, 2021 is all about being comfortable in your skin – and in your clothes

Enter Theodore Herald, a brand that is unapologetically beta in its outlook. Built on foundations of Peruvian heritage and excellence in craftsmanship, it aims to promote positive masculinity in premium menswear with a more evolved representation of what it means to be male: The Gentle Man.

With a focus on soft tailoring, premium Peruvian materials and knitwear, it produces modern attire that is effortlessly elegant, enjoyable to wear yet decidedly unpretentious. Think, out with the stiff and stuffy, and in with soft tailoring and understated style that fits as perfectly as it feels. The cardigan is calling…

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Hand Stitch sneakers, £650

CROWN NORTHAMPTON Hand Stitch sneakers, £650

Originally formed in 1908 as Earnest Woodford & Sons, Crown Northampton stands out from the crowd by offering each of its shoes custom made to order. With a choice of sole colour, handwritten inscription, and the option of a standard F fitting or wider G fitting, the traditional shoemaker delivers old-school craftsmanship at its best.

However, its new Hand Stitch sneakers couldn’t look more contemporary. Seizing upon the increased demand for dress sneakers, the new range features a stylish low-profile silhouette, and what many class as the best leather in the world, Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan.

The soles are made from virgin hevea milk harvested from the Cao Su tree – durable, fully sustainable, and a walk that only gets better with each wear.

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