Since its inception in 1760, The House of Creed has produced more than 200 perfumes. It has been worn by kings and generals, the landed gentry and titans of industry, and everyone in between; to wear Creed is to smell like a true gentleman.

It’s an art form to distil the very essence of man into a bottle and these days the father and son duo of Olivier and Erwin Creed ensure their family’s lofty reputation is upheld. In 2010, the sixth- and seventh-generation master performers marked the 250th year of The House of Creed by creating Aventus.

More than a decade after its launch, it’s not only Creed’s bestseller but one of the great scents; a unique fragrance instantly recognisable to those with a sophisticated nose.

Aventus is one of the great scents; a unique fragrance recognisable to a sophisticated nose

Aventus, the best-selling fragrance from The House of Creed

Royal approval

Since 1760, The House of Creed has supplied fragrances to the likes of King George III and Napoleon Bonaparte. Now it’s your turn.

Creed refers to its fragrances as being ‘Millesime quality’, translated from the French winemaking term for a great vintage, and it’s this quality that’s essential to the power of Aventus.

The Italian bergamot, French jasmine, and Sri Lankan sandalwood: Olivier and Erwin have devoted their time to sourcing the very best perfume oils from around the globe to ensure the ultimate olfactory experience.

So what does an Aventus man smell like? Well, we could reel off a list of the distinctive fragrance notes – the bright and fruity top line, the softer floral heart, and woody base adding richness and complexity – but that isn’t the half of it. An Aventus man smells how he feels: successful and powerful, like walking into the boardroom and nailing that crucial pitch or turning the ignition in your brand-new sports car. In other words, he smells damn good.

You might have the right suit or the perfect pair of shoes, but without Aventus on your skin you simply aren’t fully dressed.

Could there be a more appropriate gift this Father’s Day?

We don’t think so.

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Aventus (£295, 100ml) is available via, the Creed Boutique in Mayfair, and authorised stockists nationwide.