Earlier this summer, Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue hit the shelves just in time for lockdowns to be lifted and travel to begin again.

It was perfect timing – this vibrant fragrance is exactly what we needed: a breath of fresh air.

Indeed, the campaign accompanying the launch couldn’t have embodied this spirit more.

Male model and the face of the original Montblanc Explorer, Rein Langeveld, leaves the desert behind for the crystal blue waters of an Alpine lake. Here he captains a classic Riva through the aquamarine waters looking as good as he no doubt smells.

At the global launch, Langeveld eloquently explained how it was very much a scent of the moment – especially poignant at a time where we are forced to wear masks and cover our noses.

The colour blue is synonymous with the sky and with the ocean – and with the horizon where the two meet.

It’s reflected in the fragrance, too, as at Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue’s heart is marine accord – invigorating notes of salt spray and sand heated by the sun.

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue

And where it opens with light notes of citrus, it closes with rich patchouli. Perfume needs harmony and contrast – a fresh start matched by a strong base. This is something Ultra Blue masters with aplomb.

The bottle itself is one that should find itself pride of place in anyone’s collection. The bottle is hand assembled in the brand’s pelletteria in France. Its leather-like sheath is printed with the same Saffiano motif that’s adorned Montblanc creations since the mid 1920s. You’ll find the famous Montblanc snow-capped peak emblem on the side, on the cap, and even in its glass base.

As the fragrance was designed with modern explorers in mind, it also comes in a 30ml travel bottle ensuring you can take it wherever you go.

You can even feel smug in the knowledge that the new scent is the result of an ethical sourcing programme, which supports local producers while embracing ethical and sustainable development.

As we said – this is just the fragrance we need right now.

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue EDP 30ml, £33; EDP 60ml, £53; EDP 100ml, £72; montblanc.com