Laurence Graff’s $1m coiffure, Hair & Jewel, helped put his company on the map back in 1970, and in 2013 Graff Diamonds revisits the concept – this time with $500m worth of unique jewels, At the head of the pack is this butterfly brooch with a 33.11ct pear-shaped diamond cut from the 550ct Letšeng Star, the 14th largest white rough diamond ever discovered.

The heart-shaped Graff Sweetheart earrings are cut from two incredibly rare diamonds – one 51.53ct and the other 50.76ct – and are identical, a world-first from such high-carat stones. Launched in recognition of Laurence Graff’s six decades in jewellery design, the 22-piece coiffure is inspired by royal hair fashions of 18th-century Versailles.