According to Just For Men's aptly-named 'MANifesto', being a modern man is about feeling good, looking sharp and staying in tune with your health and grooming. According to its findings, a quarter of men would happily colour their grey hair, a fifth would be open to a hair transplant, a third moisturise their skin and one in ten would have a manicure. The average bloke exercises at least twice a week and over half of us check our balls for lumps once a month. Go on, you know you want to.


Contrary to popular belief, 82% of British men can multitask. And when it comes to life priorities, the top five, according to the study, are earning money, staying fit, being a good dad, being perceived as intelligent, and looking good. As for essential man skills, we also need to know our stuff – a quarter of us can make at least two cocktails from scratch, 60% know the offside rule, and we cook three meals from scratch per week.


Being a modern man also means some sharing and caring. 39% of us speak to our mum at least a few times a week, 45% of modern dads don’t always let their kids win when playing games, and nearly half (48%) would be open to being a stay-at-home dad. Men in relationships declare their love six times a week, and the average man gives his partner an orgasm two thirds of the time. We're not all perfect though – once a week we pretend to listen to our partner when we’re not really paying attention. But if you're good at it, they'll never know any better.

Just For Men spoke to 1,000 British men to create the MANifesto – what it really means to be a modern British man.