Pockies is a refreshing, new style brand hailing from Amsterdam. It’s the brainchild of three university friends who had the idea of creating something simple and functional – by putting pockets on their boxer shorts.

Launching with this flagship product – which still forms a staple arm of the business – Pockies has since gradually grown to deliver a wider apparel offering that embodies comfort and easy-to-wear style.

We caught up with co-founder Karel Bosman.

SM: Can you tell us a little about the product you have coming up for the summer in terms of the whole collection?

KB: Yes sir… We want to have your summer downtime fully covered. Everything you need for a weekend at the beach, going camping or with some friends in a summer house.

We have our swim-ready summer shorts where we deliberately used no inner mesh so you can wear it over underwear to go for a hike and then we have a wide range of T-shirts, socks, slippers, headwear, weekend bags – and our favourite product, boxer shorts with pockets.

SM: Tell us a little about the swim shorts, as we like the idea of wearing something all-day long?

Pockies Shorties
Pockies Shorties

KB: This might be our best product ever. They are fully recycled, they have zippered pockets, dry fast and as I said before, they don’t have any mesh, which can cause people to rash.

Some people choose to wear them as shorts over their boxers and this is why they lend themselves perfectly for any sun-soaked occasion – and are wearable from beach to bar to boulevard.

SM: It seems like quite a natural move from the initial boxer shorts through to wider apparel, would that be accurate?

KB: Super accurate. Once we launched, we realised people appreciated the comfort more so than the utilitarian aspect of underwear with pockets. It felt like we could do the same across more categories.

Plus our audience keeps firing product suggestions at us, which makes our direction pretty easy.

SM: You love a collaboration; what do you have coming up for the summer season?

KB: We have an amazing artist lined up, and we are about to drop a fire collaboration with the most authentic matchbox brand ever in Holland and of course we are cooking up something super special with our long-time collaborating friends at our favourite mayonnaise factory. Will that do?

SM: On that note, is there anyone that you would love to collaborate with and why?

KB: Would love to work with a global fast-food superpower like McDonald’s or KFC. Or create the after-sports line for Nike or something.

If we can find a furniture partner to design our own couch that would be sick. Ikea?

As long as we think the collaboration is entertaining for us and ads to the comfort of our audiences then we are good to go.

SM: Any quirky marketing plans or campaigns on the horizon?

KB: We are planning to do live lounge expositions all over Europe to show the world how the easy life should be lived while spreading the story of couch couture.

We are still looking into the logistics, but it could be something really good.

SM: If you could choose the perfect Pockies pieces to take away on holiday this year what would you choose and why?

KB: I think I need them all. Underwear, swimwear, T-shirts, bags, caps, socks – all are weekend essentials. Plus, I don’t pay for it so I don’t have to choose; I just take it all.

SM: Describe Pockies to us as a brand?

KB: A Couch Couture Company run by three friends who want to bring comfort to the people while making them look really, really good.

SM: Anything else coming up?

KB: Nah. Let’s go get comfy!

For more information, visit pockies.com