Power. Money. Heirs and spares. No, this isn’t a recent development in the House of Windsor, but the hit series Succession returning to our screens for its final explosion of corruption, family feuds and incredibly expensive tailoring.

On 27 March, Season 4 kicked off with the Roys back to their monopolistic ways and the usual addictive mix of political gerrymandering and sticky-fingered power-grabbing.

Intrafamilial feuding aside, the past three series of Succession have provided plenty of sartorial inspiration – and Season 4 certainly seems to be delivering in that regard, too.

Here’s our guide to dressing like a Roy…

And remember, you can’t make a Tomelette without breaking some Gregs…

Logan Roy

Logan Roy
Logan Roy

Not a man to shy away from a suit and tie, 'business formal' is the bread and butter for Logan Roy. We rarely see the patriarch in an outfit that wasn't designed by renowned New York tailor, Leonard Logsdail, with suits starting at $8,500 (£7,062) – or without his infamous cashmere Loro Piana cap retailing at £415.

Daddy Cool is regularly seen in a pair of Persol black-framed sunglasses, which makes you think - is it really that sunny or is he planning something behind those polarised lenses?

Always one to keep us on our toes, we see a juxtaposition from the business oligarch to the kinder grandfather through his cottagecore style of thick, woollen knitwear and lighter, softer tones. Brunello Cucinelli knitwear is undoubtedly the brand of choice for the grandfather as he exemplifies how to exude subtle elegance paired with immense wealth. Ralph Lauren plays this game well, although in your attempt to match Logan, make sure you drop the polo player and go for a brand-less look.

Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy
Kendall Roy

Everyone feels a bit sorry for Jeremy Strong's character, Kendall Roy, don't they? It's strange to feel pity for a millionaire who has never really had to do that much and I have to admit that the pity really does begin to dissipate when you learn how much his suits cost.

Following in the footsteps of his father, brands like Loro Piana and Cucinelli are commonplace in his business wardrobe – and like his father, we often see him in the cashmere Piana cap which can be seen as an attempt to find a physical relation to Logan since their personalities are evidently office-floors apart.

When Kendall drops the forced business formal things start to get interesting. A nod to Zuckerberg can be found in his plain Maison Margiela t-shirts and we see a fashionable move in sneaker-wear from the choice of Lanvin kicks.

His chain donned in season three from designer Rashid Johnson in partnership with Liz Swig (one of only 15 made at a cost of $15,500, £12,879) was undoubtedly cool, and a round-up of his style wouldn't be complete without a pair of bulky Beyer Dynamic headphones.

Shiv (Siobhan) Roy

Shiv Roy
Shiv Roy

The style of Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook, evolves throughout the series from the outsider in season 1 (i.e. not in the family business) dressing in H&M jumpers and relaxed trousers to joining the fold officially and adopting the family uniform of strong tailoring.

The use of high-waisted pants, notably from brands such as Max Mara, The Row and Armani, can be seen as an attempt to exert dominance over her siblings in her pursuit of the throne (sorry, role of CEO).

In more celebratory settings, Shiv portrays a classic style which few, if any, of her siblings can rival. As headstrong as headstrong can be, during one of the pivotal events of season 3, her mother's wedding, Shiv sports a Ted Baker dress rather than a piece from previously seen luxury designer Talbot Runhof - surely an act of defiance against the wedding of her mother for a character who is regularly seen in thousand-dollar suits?

I also wonder that had Succession been set in London rather than New York we may have seen her in some Victoria Beckham tailoring… Spin-off series?

Roman Roy

Roman Roy

Roman Roy, played by Kieran Culkin, is the youngest child of the Roys and has fun with it both in style and personality

Laid back, lewd and at times off kilter, Roman seems to get away with open-buttoned suits and lack of tie. While he does have his moments of business formal, we all know he's yearning to return to his linen shirts. For all your needs in that department, look to Massimo Dutti and Hamilton + Hare.

Connor Roy

The half-sibling of the main trio, Connor Roy – played exceedingly well by Alan Ruck – always plays it safe with his style choices.

He is the family's vocal conspiracy theorist and often dresses as close to bohemian business casual as his father would allow.

His concern for the environment would undoubtedly extend to his clothing, so for sustainable jumpers look to Asket, for shirts look to Neem and for trousers, Yarmouth Oilskins has you covered.

And as for Tom? Well, no one wants to be Tom, do they?