Buying your first pair of Tod’s is a significant moment. It’s like buying your first chronograph or commissioning your first bespoke suit – you’re a proper grown-up now, because Tod’s make proper grown-up shoes. Whether it’s deck shoes for a summer jaunt on a friend’s yacht or handmade Gommino driving shoes for a road trip across Tuscany, they are serious things for serious men.

But change is a foot – literally. As part of the Italian shoemaker’s new No_Code design project, Tod’s has announced a new form of footwear: the Shoeker.

The term Shoeker is a result of uniting the classic shoe with the sport-style sneaker. In a year when ‘athleisure’ has entered into common parlance (at least among the fashion set), the moniker may well stick.

Change is a foot – literally. Tod’s has announced a new form of footwear: the Shoeker

The shoekers have been masterminded by Korean designer Yong Bae Seok, Yong started his career in the automotive sector at Pininfarina (of Ferrari fame), and then moved to footwear, specialising in the sportswear segment. Among sneakerati, he’s seen as a demigod – anything he touches becomes instantly collectible.

As Shoekers are made by Tod’s, you can expect both the highest level of craftsmanship fused with technological innovation as standard.
For the smart-casual hybrid-car generation, this footwear fusion of nylon and leather seems like a winner.

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