Northamptonshire-based footwear manufacturer Joseph Cheaney & Sons have taken a stand against monotony with their Autumn/Winter collection, drawing inspiration from heritage design but adding their own signature twist.

It is their belief that classic styles gain their reputation not by refusing to change, but through their ability to adapt to a world of constant variation.

It’s this innovation that has kept Cheaney at the forefront of English shoemaking for more than 135 years and is reflected in their bold new styles for the seasons ahead.

Vintage inspirations meet modern practicalities, particularly in the additions to their popular Kudu Collection: this distinctive leather is beautifully soft to the touch, yet outwardly displays natural imperfections due to the kudu’s lifetime in a wild environment, adding a rugged edge to designs that have already stood the test of time. Military-inspired boots and shoes from the archives are given a seasonal lift, a perfect example of how to bring a trusted style into the present.

Every style in Cheaney’s seasonal collection uses the time-honoured Goodyear welt construction, offering unparalleled durability throughout this unpredictable time of year. This traditional method of shoemaking also enables the wearer to have their beloved footwear repaired at the same factory in Desborough, providing a longevity that’s exclusive to this style of shoemaking.

This level of sustainability is taken even further with the new additions to Cheaney’s Eco-Aware collection, which sees classic brogues transformed by environmentally-friendly oiled leathers from esteemed Leeds-based tannery C.F. Stead, who follow strict waste water regulations in creating their chrome-free leather. As well as the lower carbon footprint, oiled leather of this calibre naturally repels water and lends itself perfectly to this style of footwear.

Cheaney AW22 Classic – Wilfred in Dark Leaf
Cheaney AW22 Classic – Carlton in Black Bookbinder

A high quality shoe should be used for purpose, and Cheaney’s latest collection is testament to this enduring practicality; on the casual end you’ll find stalwart design choices like embossed grain leathers, revered for their strength, as well as durable rubber soles to ensure you’re always on the winning side in a storm.

For smarter occasions, timeless designs that have served customers well for decades are available in new and interesting colourways, adding depth to Cheaney’s enduring core collection. It is here that their attention to detail is showcased, where elegantly finished leather soles exude sophistication as well as provide unmatched breathability.

Cheaney have never been ones to rest on their laurels. Though classic inspirations have formed the building blocks for footwear like this for over a century, they are not afraid to have a little fun with design - this is most prevalent in their eye catching Purdey model which swaps the classic brogue pattern for a buckshot blast, adding an explosive finish to some new collection boots.

Your shoes are the building blocks of any good outfit. A simple get-up can be elevated by good quality shoes, and Cheaney are always striving to strike that balance between purpose and visual appeal, offering a new collection of highly dependable and sustainable styles for the upcoming season and beyond.

Cheaney AW22 Eco-Aware

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