Winter is coming – and so is the rain. This year more than ever, you want to be comfortable and dry.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing so. Put away that oversized fleece and chuck that tatty old sweater in the bin where it belongs. There are plenty of options that blend sartorial elegance with maximum comfort.

Take the Hydrowool Bomber from L’Estrange, the latest addition to the clothing brand’s outerwear collection. Lean and mean, the jacket looks a million dollars and will have you feeling it, too. This a seriously versatile piece of kit, its ultra-slick silhouette suitable for the office, the restaurant or the cocktail bar.

Yet the Hydrowool Bomber has plenty of substance to go alongside its eye-catching style. A technical waterproof and a breathable wool membrane will ensure you stay warm and dry while going about your business.

The jacket is an extension of L’Estrange’s Modular Series, allowing it to be easily clipped to the Modular mac, coat and quilt – then unclipped once you arrive at your destination.

Key features include:

  • Engineered waterproof, windproof fabric
  • Sleek silhouette
  • Refined details such as slim zip guard, tailored
  • Internal pockets.
  • Merino wool outer fabric
  • Fully lined
  • Can clip to the rest of the Modular Series for extra warmth. 
Hydrowool Bomber from L’Estrange

Hydrowool Bomber from L’Estrange

Hydrowool Bomber from L’Estrange

Hydrowool Bomber from L’Estrange

About the brand

Too many clothes in our wardrobes sit there without being used and get forgotten about. On top of this, seasonal consumption and disposable mindsets means that more and more clothes end up in landfill. L’Estrange is here to change our relationship with consumption as a society, creating a more meaningful existence built on life’s essentials, within the boundaries of our planet.

L’Estrange’s modular wardrobe is made up of essentials that are seasonless, versatile and work in any setting, so that people are able to own less and reduce their consumption. Beyond this, the brand only works with renewable and recycled materials in order to reduce its impact on the environment.

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The Hydrowool Bomber is available in stores and online from 20 October for £299. Get it here