If the preposterously macho but awkwardly named LaFerrari supercar is an F1 racer for the road, perhaps its timepiece tribute – the Hublot MP-05 – is an F1 car for the wrist. It isn’t, obviously – the idea of strapping a frighteningly complicated amalgam of carbon, titanium, high-octane hydrocarbons and tiny overpaid human in a heavily sponsored romper suit to your arm is patently ridiculous – but there are parallels that (almost) justify the comparison.

For starters, there’s the way it looks. The 11 barrels arranged in row – good for a remarkable 50 days of power until it needs winding again – wouldn’t look out of place at the back of Señor Alonso’s daily transport.

Then there’s the case, which carries the Ferrari logo and is formed from tough and light PVD titanium and carbon fibre, with a swoopy sapphire crystal designed to echo the form of the road-going LaFerrari. And when the watch finally runs out of power, there’s a tiny electronic winding drill a bit like the ones used by F1 pit crews to pop wheels on and off in fractions of a second.

Only 50 of the watches are being made, and buyers of the £1m car will get priority. If you’re one of those lucky buggers, why not rebrand yourself as LaDave or LaRoger to show your allegiance to the LaFerrari cause? On second thoughts, maybe don’t.

For more information, see hublot.com