Luxe Watches has been a trusted purveyor of the finest leading brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Patek Philippe since its establishment in 2011.

Originally launched in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, the business moved to Epping High Street to satisfy its growing clientbase back in 2020.

The forward-thinking company kept its original store, and has now transformed it into a facility where clients can now enjoy unparalleled service for both modern and vintage luxury timepieces.

This sophisticated new service centre is manned by a team of seasoned watchmakers and highly skilled polishers, ready to work their magic on every aspect of luxury watch maintenance.

For more than a decade, Luxe Watches has been synonymous with excellence in the world of luxury timepieces. With an extensive collection featuring the crème de la crème of watch brands, the company has garnered a reputation for delivering not just watches but timeless pieces of artistry.

At the heart of the newly unveiled Service Centre lies a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each watch, using only genuine manufacturer parts and tools.


Whether it's routine maintenance, intricate repairs, a battery change, glass replacement or the delicate art of polishing, Luxe Watches ensures that each timepiece is treated with the utmost care and precision.

Luxe Watches understands that each watch holds not just the passage of time but also the stories and memories of its wearer. The service centre is not just a facility; it's a sanctuary dedicated to preserving these moments, ensuring that each watch continues to tell its unique tale for generations to come.

Nicholas Hickey, managing director at Luxe Watches, said: “We’re thrilled to launch our Service Centre as it’s an extension of our growing business and adds to the passion of our craftsmanship of watches.

“We have a highly experienced team here with a real love of horology, and they will strive to exceed your expectations. Even if your watch is past its prime, our watchmakers can help breathe new life into it with no detail overlooked.

“A good luxury watch will last for generations, but they can suffer wear and tear just like anything else. Many of the watches we see our precious heirlooms and we understand that our clients want them to look as good as possible. Careful maintenance is needed to prolong the lifespan of a watch - failing to do this can reduce its value by as much as 40 per cent.”

Luxe Watches recommended a luxury watch is serviced every two to five years but if they are running slow or fast, an earlier service is recommended.

Luxe Watches service centre
Luxe Watches service centre
Luxe Watches
Luxe Watches

You can view the top ten luxury watch maintenance tips from Luxe Watches here. Customers wishing to bring a watch for service or repair, can contact Luxe Watches for a prepaid shipping pack or visit its boutique in Epping High Street, Essex. See more at