They say time is money – and there’s no doubt that high-end watches command a high-end price tag.

So what exactly elevates a work of haute horology from lesser timepieces? The materials certainly make a difference – from precious metals on the outside to silicon components on the inside. But it’s the painstaking craftsmanship entailed in their construction that truly sets them apart.

For example, an Audemars Piguet Grande Complication takes eight months for a watchmaker to complete. The traditional techniques, the hand assembling and finishing, the centuries-old knowledge – it all takes time and teamwork to master.

The creation of cognac takes similar dedication. Since 1724, Rémy Martin has been led by extraordinary men and women who turned a small piece of French terroir into one of the world’s finest cognacs from Fine Champagne.

Using fruit from only the highest-quality vineyards – a signature blend of Grande and Petite Champagne crus – the chalky soil of the region provides the ideal conditions to ripen the grapes to perfection.

Rémy Martin makes a perfect partner for the Square Mile Watch Awards – celebrating the best of craftsmanship

And then there’s the craftsmanship – the expertise passed from generation to generation, as the blend of eaux-de-vie perennially embodies Rémy Martin’s signature palette of rich and unique aromas.

It is the combination of talents from the maîtres de chai, the distillers and the winemakers which leads to the final product. Rémy Martin makes a perfect partner for the Square Mile Watch Awards – celebrating the best of craftsmanship.

As category sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Rémy Martin also seeks to congratulate the individual, but as part of the whole – after all, behind every individual success is a collective story. Something we can all raise a glass to…

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