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“Our whisky is a metaphorical and literal distillation of this place.” – Desiree Reid, founder, Cardrona

Meet Desiree Reid, founder and managing director of Cardrona Distillery – and the lady responsible for putting New Zealand whisky on the map

The ‘lost whisky’ – 1975 Convalmore by Gordon & MacPhail

The 1975 Convalmore by Gordon & MacPhail is a rare treat saved from one of Scotland’s ‘lost distilleries’. Jack Croxford-Scott says this is one malt that was definitely worth saving

Don’t judge a Speyside by its region

Jack Croxford-Scott tracks the history of Glen Moray from local ale brewery to global whisky brand – and how just because it’s a Speyside, doesn’t mean you should label it

"Quality is best achieved in the traditional way": Gordon Bruce, distillery manager, Knockdhu

Knockdhu's distillery manager Gordon Bruce explains how being a 21-mile round trip away from a pint of milk makes you become a lot more resourceful with what you’ve got

“We can get our hands on liquid that others cannot”: Stephen Rankin from Gordon & MacPhail

Stephen Rankin is a fourth-generation scion of Gordon & MacPhail. Here he talks us through his position as the company’s Director of Prestige

"Making good whisky is never easy": Malcolm Rennie from Rosebank

With a CV covering stints at Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Glen Moray, and Lochlea, Malcolm Rennie knows his whisky. After 35 years in the business, he finds his new home at Rosebank

"Timing is everything" – John MacDonald, Balblair

From the warehouses of Glenmorangie to managing the whole distillery at Balblair, John MacDonald lives and breathes the Scottish whisky industry

"I used to take bottles down to 'educate' the English" – Sandy McIntyre, Tamdhu

From environmental chemist to whisky maker: this is the story of Tamdhu's Distillery Manager Sandy McIntyre – an official ‘Whisky icon of the year’

"You have no choice but to get the malt right." – Ned Gahan from Waterford Whisky

Introducing Ned Gahan, head distiller at Waterford Whisky – a single malt distillery in Ireland’s south-east, which brings terroir to the fore in its barley-forward whisky

What’s it like to taste The Glen Grant's €25,000 60 Year Old single malt

Celebrating the storied six-decades long career of its Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm, The Glen Grant Distillery has released a €25,000 60-year-old single malt scotch whisky – and we got to try it

Introducing the world’s oldest single malt whisky

Gordon & MacPhail is releasing the world's oldest single malt Scotch whisky - the Generations 80 year old from Glenlivet Distillery - in partnership with Sir David Adjaye OBE. And we got to taste it…

"There was a fair bit of singing that evening" – Stephen Woodcock from Glen Moray

Stephen Woodcock is Glen Moray Distillery’s Head of Whisky Creation & Stocks – a suitably great job title for an equally great job. Jack Croxford-Scott finds out how he got it…

Why Campbell’s of Beauly is the original master of tweed

Campbell’s of Beauly dates back to the mid 1800s, yet the tailoring brand has a new lease of life, says Jack Croxford-Scott

Living the dram | Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Legacy Series, Glen Grant 1953

Gordon & MacPhail has released a 67-year-old Glen Grant – and its ‘legacy’ moniker lives up to its billing

The bluffer's guide to whisky

Uncertain of the different types of whisky? Know your Bourbon from your blend with our simple bluffer's guide

Best single malts to toast 2021

The past year has seen a deluge of new single malts crafted in novel ways. These are five of our favourites