Rising star: Jack Brett Anderson

Landing roles in Hollywood movies and high-profile television series isn’t enough for Jack Brett Anderson – he’s a part-time model, too

Jack Brett Anderson stars alongside Antonio Banderes in the new drama, Genius: Picasso. When he’s not on stage or TV he’s a catwalk model for Dolce & Gabbana. Starring opposite Ben Kinglsey in a feature film due to be released this autumn, the future looks bright for this rising star.

What’s been your favourite role to date?

My role as Matei in Wolfblood was great as I could evolve the character over two series.

Of late, Géry Pieret in Genius has been so much fun to play as he’s so far from my own character. He’s French, bisexual and off the wall, and of that time he was very outlandish with his actions, interests and clothes. That was so much fun to explore: going back to 1905 and experiencing that time in the small way we did was so exciting. Bringing it back to stage where I performed last year for the first time in six years was exhilarating and quite scary. As an actor, it’s the only time you truly get real-time feedback, when you can see the audience engaged and feeding off everything you give them. There’s nothing more rewarding.

How was modelling for Dolce & Gabbana?

I never saw myself modelling but to be asked was really exciting and a fun adventure. I met Dominico and Stefano in both London and in Milan. They are both so gracious and welcoming. The brand has an unbelievable sense of family and it was a privilege to be a part of it. And I got to keep a suit!

Who is your acting idol?

There are loads of actors who have influenced me and who I enjoy watching every time: James Spader, Meryl Streep, DiCaprio.

I do get a bit freaked out when walking through a built set that’s empty with no one around. It just feels a bit eerie

What’s coming out next?

I shot a film with director Daniel Alfredson in the summer of last year called Intrigo: Samaria, which is the third of a trilogy for Fox. The story is really intricate, and I think people are really going to enjoy these films.

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If you could have acted in anything, what would it have been?

I would loved to have been in Game of Thrones. It just has so much to it: depth, story, the universe they’ve created. Peter Dinklage is ace and he makes that part – and Diana Rigg as the Queen of Thorns is just brilliant.

Who’s been the best actor to work with?

I worked with the actress Dale Dickey on a short film back in 2013 with Billy Zane. She has been in the industry for years and has worked on projects we would all know with some of the most talented titans of our industry. I was so captivated and interested by her. She was lovely and made me feel very welcome.

Do you have any on-set superstitions?

Not really. But I do get a bit freaked out when walking through a built set that’s empty with no one around. It just feels a bit eerie – it reminds me of Scream or my own job Don’t Hang Up, which as a very similar premise to Scream but set of a much more modern time.

See Jack Brett Anderson in Genius: Picasso on National Geographic at 8pm.