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The Little Lobster Bar packs a big punch

Upgrade your lunchtime at The Little Lobster Bar, the new champagne and seafood bar from Bedales of Borough and BOB’s Lobster

The Little Lobster Bar

Feeling a little decadent? Want to treat yourself to the lunch – or early dinner – that you deserve? Then head on down to Borough Market and sample the delights of the newly opened champagne and seafood bar from the team behind Bedales of Borough and BOB’s Lobster. It's the most high end street food on – and in – the market.

The Little Lobster Bar operates out of a very snazzy red Vintage VW situated just inside the market hall (London Bridge entrance). The menu board caters primarily to crustaceans, with crab and (unsurprisingly) lobster being the order of the day – plus a hotdog if you’re the kind of person who orders lager in a cocktail bar. It does look like a very good hotdog. But remember where you are and do the right thing – order the lobster and crayfish roll.

The roll! Fresh lobster and crayfish slathered with mayo crammed into a toasted brioche bun. Your eyes widen the moment you see it and within two seconds your mouth will be doing likewise. Chew, swallow, take a second of blissful reverie as you contemplate perfection, or something close to it. Repeat the process until all too soon your tray is empty and you're pondering whether you can justify another one. At £19 a pop the roll inhabits the Treat Yourself category but as treats go, you won't find many treatier. It's impossible to imagine a better version of itself, if that makes sense

The Little Lobster Bar

If you want something a trifle lighter – or you fancy doing lunch properly – the crab tacos would be a standout on any other menu. Tortillas filled with crab, hispi slaw, guacamole, cashew butter, fresh herbs, lemon and Valentina hot sauce: you get two for £16, which will fill you up nicely, although if you’re with company we recommend exploring as much of the menu as possible. Such as lobster arancini, which is all hot and gooey and lobstery and makes a fantastic sharing option.

As for drinks – how decadent are you feeling? True ballers opt for a glass or two of Laurent-Perrier, although frozen margaritas and fresh Pimm’s make for tempting alternatives. Want to keep a clear head? The homemade lemonade is delicious and will send you into the afternoon fully refreshed.

The Little Lobster Bar is open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm and until 6pm on Fridays. What about dinner, I hear you ask? Simply toddle around the corner to Bob's flagship restaurant – you may want to make a booking in advance. This is food that will cheer you up on a bad day, elevate a good one, and feed you well regardless. Go on. You deserve it.

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