To establish a new car brand in today’s market you have to stand apart; you have to be different. Polestar’s new campaign makes this separation emphatic. “Dear car industry…” it begins, a lover deciding to move on from a dysfunctional relationship. Although it starts as a break-up letter, it ends as a statement of intent. This car, this brand, is the future; petrol is the past.

Polestar’s first point of difference is that it will be an all-electric car brand. Although its debut model last year was a hybrid, it’s new launch later this month will be 100% electric. And every car it makes from now on will be, too.

Its next distinguishing feature is that it’s design driven – to such an extent that even its CEO is a designer, specifically, Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo Cars’ award-winning Head of Design. The commitment to design can be seen in every element of the company – from the minimalist HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, designed by Bornstein & Lyckfors, to the production plant in Chengdu, China, designed by award-winning architects Snöhetta.

A subscription model enables customers to have all their motoring costs covered by one single monthly payment

Of course, as we have seen from the Polestar 1, it’s the cars themselves that are the greatest testament to the brand’s design-centric mantra. Their crisp, stylish exterior; their carefully crafted finishes – inside and out; and their fusion of modern materials with modern technology. No doubt the Polestar 2 will take this up a level.

Polestar is also planning to transform the way cars are sold. Rather than making potential customers travel to distant car dealerships in city outskirts, it is going to create Polestar Spaces, showrooms that are conveniently located in downtown areas where people actually live and work.

Even ownership of a Polestar is novel: a unique subscription model enables customers to have all their motoring costs covered by one single monthly payment. This all-inclusive, no deposit, flat monthly payment ensures that the customer need never concern themselves with the inconvenience or cost of depreciation, insurance and maintenance. All Polestars will be offered on this basis. It’s a revolutionary move from a revolutionary company.

As the narrator in the campaign video states: “Things need to change, fast. [...] Sometimes, it’s time to move on.”

The future is waiting; are you ready for it?

The Polestar 2 will be revealed online at midday (GMT) on 27 February. For more information, see