At the moment when Ukraine is experiencing some of the most extreme circumstances in recent history, a Syrian-born Ukrainian is looking for a solution not only to the problems faced by his fellow countrymen but also to the broader socio-economic issues that threaten to affect the quality of life of all humankind.

Philanthropist, writer, philosopher and former adviser to Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, Hares Youssef has devoted the last two decades of his life to building a new financial utopia. Youssef is developing a system of charity based on what the world has not yet seen – transparency.

The primary embodiment of this philosophy is the new digital currency, whose asset is a positive social impact. Gaiia Coin is backed by gold and based on a communication platform of the same name, which uses its algorithm to analyse the profiles and actions of currency holders. Gratitude for good deeds becomes financial capital. The more acts of charity you make, the higher your coin will be valued: share more to get more.

This is Gaiianomics, a blend of organic and ecological economics based on energy accounting, a concept developed by Hares that everything we do inevitably affects the planet. This type of social value capital contributes to more sustainable growth for each of us.

Gaiia is a personal purpose coin. Each person not only binds a currency to their name but must set a goal for it. Funds from Gaiia coins are used to implement and support various charitable projects. Since all coins are individual, their value is directly related to the person for whom that particular coin was issued.

Gaiia coin

The project’s primary goal is to make charity a common part of human culture and to create a planetary currency free from the interests of a particular country and nation.

Today, Hares and his team are ready to launch Gaiia Coin, while the foundation is also producing a TV series based on Hares’ novel Gaiia.

Perhaps, at a time when the political situation is heated not only by military actions but also by information warfare, the first currency that promotes absolute transparency is precisely what the modern world needs. 

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