The dinner plates have been cleared away, the tablecloth removed. Your host offers you a game of pool. You gaze around his sparsely furnished flat and wonder if the old boy has quaffed one too many glasses of rioja. He smiles and slides off a third of the table top, revealing a triangle of polished pool balls beneath. That muffled popping sound is your heart exploding with jealousy.

Meet Fusion Tables: creators of a dining table that transforms into a pool table in a matter of moments. Remove the three upper panels and voila – it really is that simple.

The design can be customised to ensure your table fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home or office. From vintage oak panels to brushed stainless steel, right down to the colour of the cloth, a Fusion Table can be created to your personal ideal. Choosing the table is almost as much fun as playing on it.

Almost. Tables come equipped with Iwan Simonis cloth, widely considered the finest cloth for cue sports. Accessorise with a range of the highest-quality kit, including balls, cues and table brush. On the tall side? The height of the table is adjustable, allowing an easy transition from dining to pool.

As well as all the pool gear, tables can be ordered with matching chairs or benches to achieve the perfect fusion of leisure and style. For the full pool-hall experience, you can even request overhead LED lights with adjustable brightness: soft and relaxing for the meal, stronger when you’re ready to start potting.

It’s fair to say, this is the best two-for-one deal you’ll see this year.

From £4,500. For more information, visit: