Most things that are demonstrably good for you tend to be ineffably dull. Green beans. Staying in. A glass of water. Another glass of water. (You’re meant to drink six a day.)

Running? Some people love it and live for it – but for others, putting in the hard yards is just that: hard. 

Regardless of where you fall on that scale, we have the perfect running machine for you: the Technogym Run – a treadmill that will challenge experts and also turn even the most reluctant of runners into a veritable Haile Gebrselassie.

The latest release from Technogym has more training regimes than Barry’s Bootcamp and enough entertainment options to make you throw the satellite box out of the window. 

Technogym has been an official supplier of the last eight Olympic games so the pedigree is most certainly present and correct.

So is the variety: the 27” Technogym Live console allows users to choose their preferred training experience from a wide range of training programs and modes (cardio, strength, or hi-intensity).

Want that human touch? The library of on-demand video workouts includes trainer-led sessions and routines that follow specific objectives. Yearning for the great outdoors? The many virtual immersive outdoor workouts adapt your speed and even adjust the incline according to the chosen route. Bring on those mountains! OK, foothills.

There’s more. Much more. Technogym Run offers its users:

– An unbeatable running feeling, thanks to the slat-belt technology. Much kinder for your shins than pounding the pavements, this offers the same reactivity and elastic response of an athletic track. The large running surface is suitable for longer strides and offers the ability to move freely for better performance.

– Strength training in addition to cardio. For the first time ever on a treadmill, Technogym Run enables you to train all parts of the body most important to running performance – legs, abdominals, and glutes. Using push mode, you can adjust the resistance to replicate a sled with a load of up to 55kg, improving overall muscle tone, efficiency, and stability.

– Bootcamp workouts at home: high-intensity workouts that alternate running, resistance, and floor exercises. Bootcamp offers the ability to automatically adapt to users’ level for the most effective high-intensity session that will leave you sweating and satisfied.

We mentioned entertainment options? Technogym Live is decked out with Netflix, YouTube, social media and multiple TV channels. Combine an episode of your favourite show with a cheeky 5k; binge watch a season while running a marathon. TV used to rot your brain; now it can hone your body. (You will also have to do the running part.)

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