The ring is the most profound representation of love that we know. Within the confines of that small circular piece of jewellery is a series of the grandest notions: infinity, strength, honour, faith, and devotion. A ring has no beginning or end and, yet, it’s able to capture some of the most important chapters in our lives, whether that be a wedding day or significant anniversary. Is it any wonder that they are so beautiful when they have come to symbolise the sanctity of love itself?

All of this might make the process of buying a ring seem a little daunting. How can you possibly encapsulate a lifetime’s love story into something so small? Fortunately, Messika is on hand to offer some much-needed inspiration when it comes to picking out the perfect ring.

The contemporary Parisian jeweller is no stranger to the effects of a ring. The brand shot to fame in 2014 after Beyoncé asked to borrow a Glam'Azone ring after spotting it in the Messika window at the Le Royal Monceau hotel. Since then the iconic artist has been a regular collaborator – wearing a custom-made high-jewellery necklace at the Super Bowl, as well as donning £1m worth of diamond jewellery beside the Mona Lisa in the ‘Apes**t’ music video. Other Hollywood A-listers have followed, including Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, and most recently Kendall Jenner.

While Messika has a growing following in celebrity culture, at its core is the wish to create jewellery that suits the needs of everyone. Its free-flowing style and contemporary approach to design brings a unique edge to the traditional symbolism of the ring. In other words, Messika jewellery is the perfect expression of modern love.

Here are the many ways to say “I love you” with Messika…

The Romantic

Joy Coeur, £4,850

Messika Joy Coeur wedding ring

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For the romantics among us, this slim, original setting combines an exceptional 0.40-carat heart-shaped diamond with a crown of brilliant-cut diamonds on a white gold band. At once it combines classic symbols of love with a touch of modern flair and passion.

The Timeless Classic

My Twin Toi & Moi, £3,900

My Twin Toi & Moi ring

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Just like its grander sibling, this My Twin Toi & Moi ring is all about contrast: one pear cut and one emerald cut diamonds of 0,25ct each set on an 18-carat white gold. The dichotomy of shapes, two beings of equal stature coming together to create something more than the sum of their parts, is a powerful symbol. It’s what modern love is all about.

The Lucky Charm

Lucky Move White Mother-of-Pearl, £1,790

Messika Lucky Move White Mother-of-Pearl ring

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An eye-catching take on Messika's signature Move design, the Lucky Move features pink gold, diamond and white mother-of-pearl playfully arranged. The circle of mother-of-pearl creates a soft iridescent light, while in the centre a moving diamond adds a touch of sparkle to your every move.

The Iconic

Move Uno Pavé, £1,180

Messika Move Uno Pavé ring

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An icon of Messika House, The Move collection is ideal for everyday wear or as a gift for a loved one. This 18 carat white gold pavé diamond ring for women features a pavé cage holding a brilliant-cut diamond in motion and a slim pavé band.

Move Titanium Black PM, £530

Messika Move Titanium Black PM ring

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Titanium is one of the star materials used in fine jewellery for men today. Here it is utilised, as part of Messika’s iconic Move collection, as a brushed black titanium ring set with one moving brilliant-cut black diamond.

Move Uno Multi, £1,660

Messika Move Uno Multi ring

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The Move Uno Multi is a unique take on a modern diamond ring. With its polished 18K pink gold and its sequence of Move Uno motifs, each embellished with moving diamonds, it’s a bold and distinctly Messika take on the ring.

Move Joaillerie Wedding Ring, £2,120

Messika Move Jaillerie Wedding Ring

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This iconic Move Joaillerie diamond ring is a perfect choice for either a man or woman looking for a sleek gold ring quite unlike anything else on the market. Complete with the signature moving diamond, it’s an apt emblem for Messika’s modern take on jewellery design.

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