Ron Dorff is the brainchild of Frenchman, Jérôme Touron and Swede, Claus Lindorff – the brand an elision of their surnames.

Rejecting over-complicated and ostentatious sportswear, Ron Dorff is all about the stripped-back classics. There aren’t even any logos – preferring instead just a discrete pair of black lacquered eyelets, a reflection of the two Os in the brand name.

As well eschewing logos, brash colours are off the cards. Dorff also breaks from the fashion world’s obsession with seasons – preferring to maintain consistent cuts and sizes, so you can always reorder your favourites.

But that’s not to say the brand stagnates – in place of logos, pertinent words and phrases take centre stage. For example, the Dad collection has proven so successful that a Mom collection has been added. Both collections are available in big or small prints, sweatshirts in brushed fleece or pure sports cashmere, and T-shirts in 100% cotton jersey.

Ultimately, Ron Dorff aligns Swedish functionality with French style. The result is smart, sharp sportswear, whether worn in the gym, on the street or tucked up on the sofa in front of Netflix.

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