Bespoke watch projects creates limited production mechanical timepieces, each assembled by hand in their California studio. The independent brand has become known for its combination of heritage-inspired details and Modernist design influences, as well as being distinctive objects of expression from designer and watchmaker John Beck McConnico. With a background in art direction, design, and fine art, he applies unconventional techniques to the dial production process. His latest Intaglio collection incorporates engraved & patinated dials with direct influences from painting and printmaking – resulting in unique pieces with an unmistakable tactile quality.

Bespoke Watch Projects sector dial watch
Bespoke Watch Projects copper dial watch

Timepieces born from fine art & design

McConnico founded the brand in 2014, having grown organically from his bespoke made-to-order service. As a long-time watch collector, creative director, and designer, John incorporates past experience from product, graphics, visual art, and furniture design into the creation of his distinctive timepieces. His brand language is present throughout, from the Online Watch Builder to the curvature of the new 38mm watch case.

The Intaglio dials have become the key differentiator: all are handmade in house, incorporating unique patinas and surface finishes – engraved from metals such as brass, copper, sterling silver, and gold alloy. Each dial is essentially a unique piece of art, created for each watch and customer.

"My wish is for every owner to feel they have a unique heirloom timepiece, whether they are a seasoned watch aficionado or aspirational collector"

Bespoke Watch Projects blue watch dial
Bespoke Watch Projects designer & watchmaker John Beck McConnico

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From concept to wrist in weeks

Bespoke Watch Projects offers an array of options for creating a personal timepiece. The website includes a rotating assortment of readymade models, a curated collection of made-to-order editions, and an interactive Online Watch Builder, allowing customers to truly create a custom piece. All bespoke editions are assembled, tested, and shipped within 4-6 weeks.

It’s a compelling value proposition, considering each piece is unique – incorporating a custom dial, limited-edition case, premium Swiss movement, and handmade bridle leather strap. The average price range is £650-£1,950 ($775-$2,350 USD), depending on options. As McConnico states, it’s truly an accessible heirloom.

Bespoke Watch Projects timepieces are available for purchase on the website: The brand is also happy to extend a 10% discount for Square Mile readers (with code SQMI).