When Lawrence Okolie won the European title last October, the Londoner knew exactly how to celebrate – treating himself to a brand new Rolex. 

Still only 27, the former Olympian has been tipped for stardom and was lining up a world title challenge before coronavirus put the sporting schedule on hold.

At least the enforced hiatus gives Okolie the chance to add to his already impressive watch collection: he's already turned a profit on a couple!

Then again, when you namecheck the likes of Patek, Rolex and Audemars Piguet, it's fair to say you're not playing around – inside or outside the ring. 

Expect big things on his return – and timeless classics on his wrist.   

What’s your favourite watch that you own?

It has to be my Rolex Day-Date. It's yellow gold, featuring a diamond set bezel, and I bought it this year.

I have given my life to boxing – you have to sacrifice so much – and so when I achieve career goals I like to reward those sacrifices…

A major passion of mine is watches so invariably it does involve me 'investing' in one! haha.

I became European Champion at the back end of last year – and so naturally I wanted to buy myself a celebratory present.

I should also mention the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. I love this watch. It's a nice big chunky watch which matches me at 6ft 5!

It's a statement piece and it has enough elegance – along with its sleek design – to match any clothes I wear!

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Is there a story behind the Rolex?

Not really I am afraid. It's just a classic isn’t it? Seen it on the presidents and Escobars of this world alike!

However whenever I buy a new watch I do look at it like an investment opportunity as well. I have some good connections in the industry and am learning a lot more about it so will try and buy watches which will hold their value and increase over time.

I recently managed to sell on two watches for a very decent profit!

What’s on your wrist today?

At the moment I am wearing my Rolex Submariner.

One of the first watches I owned – stainless steel. With a green face.

This watch started the passion for me.

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What watch do you have in your sights on next – and why?

I have my sights set on a rose-gold Patek Nautilus.

It's just beautiful isn’t it?

What’s your ‘grail’ watch – and why?

The Grail watch haha. I think probably an all-diamond Patek which one of my sponsor's Umar Kamani (owner of BoohooMan) has.

I am very lucky to be associated with Boohoo (especially during this mad period) they have supported me throughout my career and Umar and I have become close.

He has a sick collection of watches and this one is my favourite.

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