Tell us about MENTOR360…

In the most simplistic terms MENTOR360 is a habit-modification lifestyle app that will help the user implement positive changes to their daily routine. We have tried to cover as many bases as possible with content ranging from performance, holistic wellness to mental wellbeing. In addition, there is a multitude of workouts, recipes and blogs, as well as meditations and advice for sleep etc to ensure the app remains as rounded as possible.

MENTOR360 is a premium app with 40% of the content being free. This app could help anyone with a phone.

We have designed a simple self-awareness tool that allows you to identify areas you are and aren’t working on, hopefully encouraging you to look at other aspects of your life that you may, without realising, be ignoring… but could be really important.

For me this app is something that people can call upon when they need it. We have amazing healthcare professionals, and ambassadors who have written content for us.
The aim for this app is really clear: to help people, whether that is someone who lacks confidence at work or perhaps someone who is struggling with their mental wellbeing. It is incredibly altruistic.

Fundamentally, MENTOR360 is about giving non-judgemental support to people when and wherever they need it.

How did the project come about?

It started with a vision several years ago, a vision that had culminated from several life influences.

  • My father died by suicide when I was 15.
  • Several of my close friends in the military (including Foxy) encountered mental health difficulties ranging from PTSD, adjustment disorders, stress anxiety or needing support with poor life skills. Sadly, a colleague and several veteran friends have died by suicide.
  • A long conversation with my son on how and how not to give life advice.

I was extremely fortunate to be introduced via Foxy to my now co-founder and investor Shanyan Koder. Shanyan is an Art World Entrepreneur who is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, especially in younger people. I pitched the concept of MENTOR360 to Shanyan and whilst impressed, understandably she needed greater depth and detail on the project before agreeing to investing.

After the production of new detailed proposals, many emails and dogged persistence (which I think wore her down), last September we went for a COVID coffee, and Shanyan agreed she would like to invest and become my partner in Mentor360.

I nearly feel off my chair! Oh crap I now need to deliver this! At that point, the journey really took off. I’ve found it tough going, it takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Everyone involved has been amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without them. From the clinical professionals, specialists and ambassadors, to the app build team, and marketing and media support. Every person has played an important role in getting us this far.

Shanyan, throughout this journey has been brilliant, a true Mentor and an amazing co-founder. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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How does the mentoring aspect actually work?

Like all good mentors it provides guidance which is all factually based and written by professionals.

But in short, via a questionnaire it highlights areas you may need to work on and you then make a choice

It will then suggest habits to form/work on in those respective areas and then it’s down to the user to work through them.

There is also a self-assessment tool that allows the user to reflect. If all the questions are answered honestly the app will then identify areas that perhaps the user is neglecting. It then goes full circle.

There is also some amazing advice in an area called ‘The Hub’ for the user to try and implement.

In short, the app will lead you to actionable outcomes quicker than you may have done without it.

How were the Mentors chosen?

Our professional Mentors were chosen because they are experts in their own fields, they all came very highly recommended, very credible and they all really care and want to make a positive impact on people.

For our ambassadors I wanted people who would resonate with the public, who really care about making a difference, who have not been afraid in speaking out or being open about their struggles. Authenticity is so important to me and the app.

Foxy being one of my best mates, he has been brilliant throughout this journey, it has been a pleasure to work with him on such a meaningful project. The banter when we are together is brilliant. Well, mine is… his not so much!

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Who are your mentors in life?

That’s a really difficult question. Throughout my life there have been many people I have looked up to at different stages.

In my military career there have been a few key people. I will name them by ‘nickname’ as they are still serving: Mr Turtle and Damo have probably been the biggest influences.

Leading up to the development of MENTOR360 would be Shanyan Koder my co-founder who has been so very supportive.

Then there is Kev Godlington and Dave Peach; both offer incredibly sound advice and always have given me the reality.

The final person I will mention is my long-suffering wife Kerin who is always there for me and offers very sound advice (which I don’t always listen to, but in hindsight is always right).

Presumably you'll be adding Mentors over time -- who would be your dream addition?

Absolutely, I really want Mentors to inspire people, I may as well go big, I would love to get William and Kate involved. 

Failing a bit of royal patronage, I would love to see Romesh Ranganathan, Frankie Bridge, Marcus Rashford, Adam Hills and Jessy Nelson on the app.

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