Calling your first single of 2020 'Come Together' is a little unfortunate considering the whole social distancing thing. 

Luckily for Franky Wah, the track's a bit of a banger so we can overlook a name that would potentially get you arrested if you took it literally.

Also, once this is over, "people, come together!" will basically be our national motto. He's a man ahead of his time. 

Until that time comes – please, soon – Wah must content himself with Tiger King and hating on Carole Baskin.

See you on the other side. 

My Life...

What upcoming project(s) are you most excited about?

Without a doubt my mixtape, “The Revival, Vol.1”. This has been a long time in the making and the response for the first single has been incredible.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

Signing an album deal with Sony. Ministry of Sound has to be up there as well as signing to Afterlife records.

If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?

I would change the fact that I didn’t pursue a career in music sooner; but then again I do believe everything happens for a reason.

What do you hope to achieve that you haven’t yet?

So many things but the first thing that springs to mind would have to be being nominated, or better still, winning a Grammy.

Outside of your family, who is / was your biggest inspiration?

Again, there’s quite a few but Mark Stocks stands out in this subject. He has no influence on my musical path but he taught me so much from an early age about discipline and dedication.

He owned the first gym I trained at and prepped me as a bodybuilder to win national shows and a top 10 ranking in the world as an under 21. So many of the skills that I acquired from him helped me to go on and achieve everything that I have, so big up Mark, a true gent with old school morals.

Tell us something nobody knows about you…

Hmmm, I used to play football for Leeds when I was at school. Either that, or the first time I sat on Santa's lap I bit him haha.

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My Lockdown

How are you finding lockdown?

Not much has changed, all I do is sit in the studio anyway haha. Apart from eating out, I love eating out and hate that I can’t do that now.

Best thing about lockdown?

Tiger King haha!

Worst thing about lockdown?

Carole Baskin! Haha joking, erm eating too much junk food.

Top tip for surviving lockdown?

Exercise and try and keep as much structure to your day as possible.

If you could be locked down with one person, alive or dead, who would it be?

David Attenborough. The knowledge that guy has is insane. I would literally just ask him questions allllll day.

What are you most looking forward to doing once lockdown is over?

Touring the world and playing music. I've missed it so much and the time I've spent locked down has highlighted just how much I love what I do.