These exercises will allow you to get the most out of your time on the mountain. Aim for 12-15 repetitions.

Side lunges:

"Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip so that your palms are facing each other. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be fully extended with dumbbells resting in front of your thighs.

Take a wide step to one side. When your outside foot contacts the ground, lower your body by pushing your hip back and bending the knee. Keep your inside leg straight and foot firmly planted. Pause when your outside thigh is parallel with the ground, and then push back to the starting position."

Ski jump:

"Place something small on the floor that will act as a marker , if you are in the gym , a small dumbbell will work. Stand one side of it , squat down & jump up using your arms to push you in to the air. As you mid air push your hips to one side. this will move your body over to the other side of the dumbbell. As you land, automatically drop in to a squat again, from here repeat the movement back over to the other side of the dumbbell. You can make this harder by adding more resistance , for example you can hold a barbell plate."

Russian twists with a med ball:

"Start leaning back until you feel your abdominal muscles engaged in preventing you from not falling. Keep the back straight the entire time.Hold your arms extended in front of you, one on top of the other; they should be at about the same level as the rib cage.

Pulling your navel towards your spine twist gently to one side of the body, while you exhale. Inhale before starting the second twist on the other side of the body. Exhaling, perform the second twist of this first rep. Once you have mastered this with just your body weight , increase the intensity by adding a med ball."

Dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts:

"This exercise can be done with either dumbbells or a barbell, we will use dumbbells in this instance. Start standing upright with the dumbbells at your side, slowly start to bend over as if you are going to touch your toes making sure your back is straight , your backside is pointing out & all of the tension is placed on your hamstrings. Once you have reached the point you can feel a deep stretch on your hamstrings (back of the leg), slowly start to stand up making sure your back is straight again as you do not want any of the load focusing on that area."

Jack knife on a swiss ball:

"Take a swiss ball that is relevant to your height. Roll across the ball until you are in a press up position with your feet on the ball , from here make sure the ball is placed that you are on your toes. Slowly draw the ball inwards towards your abdominals making sure you are still in the press up position , then slowly take the ball away again until you are in the starting position. The key to this is to make sure you do not let your hips & core droop as this will take the tension off the core/abdominal area."

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