Apparently Twitch is an online streaming platform where you can watch other people play video games.

No, we can't see the appeal either – but supposedly it's very popular with the youth, and we wanted to put the work experience kid to good use.

So here are five Twitch accounts you should watch, if, you know, you have the inclination.

Added bonus?

We've included their most popular video (from YouTube, but the two tend to be interlinked) so you can see what the fuss is about.

Happy streaming!


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If you have the desire to watch someone who is extremely better than you at playing video games, Ninja is an energetic and interactive streamer that won't bore you to death.

Ninja’s dedication and above-average hours of gameplay (even on Twitch) has won him fame around the world. This fame has led to sponsorship from Red Bull, and him being invited to countless high stake tournaments with large cash prizes.

Although Ninja is most commonly known to pre-teens thanks to his exciting gameplay of Fortnite, he can still be enjoyed by teenagers and young adults. Check him out and see what you think.

Ninja's most popular YouTube video

Ninja's Twitch


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Like Ninja, Tfue rose up in the world by fulfilling everyone's dream as a kid and being paid to play video games. (Ed: well, some has to. Actually, do they? We never used to think that.) Most people would refer him to being a bit more mature than Ninja and in some cases better, depending if that’s your thing. Tfue is enjoyed by both younger and older audience who are interested in games.

In addition to this, he has had many sponsors and joined a well known group – Faze. As well as playing video games, Faze also do a lot of vlogging, which consists of their day-to-day activities, challenges (such as winning a game while in an ambulance) and surprising people with gifts.

Tfue’s most popular YouTube video

Tfue’s Twitch


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summit1g is an ex-pro CS:GO player (Ed: that’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive for those who don’t speak gamer) who played for Team Mythic in many pro-league tournaments.

He is known for his adult sense of humour, the fact that he doesn't only stick to one game (rare among Twitch players), and can be enjoyed by many ages. summit1g left the CS:GO scene because he felt as if it was restricting him and he couldn't develop his channel as well as if he expanded into different genres.

He now plays a huge variety of games providing excellent content for older gamers because of his adult humour.

summit1g’s most popular YouTube video

summit1g’s Twitch


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Aged 14, Mongraal is one of the youngest pro gamers in the world.

He has been involved in many tournament, and has already joined and left different pro league teams. (Ed: what were you doing at 14? Actually, don’t answer that.)

He used to be part of the group Secret but the contract expired and he decided to do bigger and better things, moving to a more popular group – Faze.

His high levels of charisma and overall positive energy make him a fun, relatable streamer to watch.

Mongraal's most popular YouTube video

Mongraal’s Twitch


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If you prefer watching intense gameplay with professional commentators discussing the match as the pros playing fight for the victory, look no further – ESL is basically the gaming world’s version of UFC, only with CS:GO instead of MMA.

Although it may not be some people's thing, it is a good source for long suspenseful entertainment.

What team are you rooting for?

ESL CS:GO's most popular YouTube video

ESL CS:GO's Twitch