The new Flying Huntsman 6X6 Civilian Carrier definitely hails from the ‘more is more’ school of car design.

Four wheels? I don’t think so; six it is. Five seats? Pah. More like nine. And the price? £250k. Gulp.

This coach-built concept vehicle from Chelsea Truck Co is based (loosely) on the Land Rover Defender 110, and was launched at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

To make room for the additional brace of tyres, it’s 880mm longer than a standard Defender. Those extra wheels aren’t (just) there for show. It is genuine six-wheel drive with a custom-built differential.

It’s the vision of Afzal Kahn – of Kahn Design fame – who has been nicknamed ‘The King of Customisation’ for good reason'. He’s been upgrading Land Rovers (amongst others) since 1996, and this is his most audacious project yet.

The Flying Huntsman may look like an army truck from the outside, but inside it’s a far more refined affair.

The Flying Huntsman also boasts a full panoramic roof, new front wings with integrated vents, and wide rear wings made from lightweight composite.

The front has an X-Lander front grille and headlamp surrounds as well as a new front bumper with LED headlights, adding some extra attitude – not that it really needed help in that department.

It may look like an army truck from the outside, but inside it’s a far more refined affair. There’s a chrome steering wheel, quilted headlining, and a host of trim options you’d never normally get in a Defender. The seats have also been constructed from different multi-density foams to increase flexibility and boost comfort – none of your barrack benches back here, thank you very much.

When it was still being built by Land Over, the Defender was available in innumerable configurations. However, since the marque ceased production in 2016, the Defender’s life is in now in the hands of customisers like Kahn and the Chelsea Truck Co.

Whether you think it’s a glorious genetically modified masterpiece or a disgraceful aberration of a British icon, I’ll leave that up to you. But if you buy one, please don’t park next to me at Waitrose.

Vital statistics

Price: £249,995

Drive: 6 Wheel Drive Through Additional Axle with Pneumatic Actuation

Exhaust system: Twin Crosshair Exhaust System

1945 Retro Alloy Wheels - 8x18" in Matte Black with Red Stripe

Front GTB Sports Seats in Leather with Hield Fabric inserts

Middle Bench in Leather with Hield Fabric inserts

4 x rear folding seats in Leather with Hield Fabric inserts

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