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Can this man personalise your health and wellness?

Omnos is the platform that helps its users optimise their health or performance. We caught up with its founder Thomas Olivier

Thomas Olivier founded Omnos with a simple yet ambitious goal: change the game in the wellness sector.

With a background sport science, Olivier started his career coaching athletes on how to perform optimally.

He quickly came to realise what worked for one person didn't necessarily work for another, and so he began to research into an athlete's bio-individuality…Ten years later Omnos was born.

We spoke to Olivier about the platform and the benefits it offers. 

Why did you create Omnos?

In my early 20s I was really driven to have a successful career coaching athletes. I knew if I wanted them to be successful, I needed to understand everything about them to provide the best solutions possible to improve their performance.

I needed an insight into what was making them unique. I needed to dive in into bio-individuality. This is where I started to look at genetics, which was more than a decade ago now, it was not considered mainstream so people were laughing at me at the time!

When it gave athletes the extra edge to look at themselves with all this data, as a formula and optimise their performance, I realised there was a much bigger calling. This is when the idea of a platform came to me!

Why the name Omnos?

Omnos comes from the name omnis In Latin, the word “omnis” translates to mean “every” or “all” or, more precisely; all, every, the whole, of every kind.

Since our ambition is to connect the dots between all of someone's health data and to have a holistic approach, we sort of made up Omnos based on the word omnis!

In a nutshell, can you explain what the Omnos platform is?

Omnos is an intelligent health system powered by its unique algorithm, issuing personalised recommendations, specialist nutritional guidance and personalised advice to anyone that wants to optimise their health or performance.

It also provides scientific advice on targeted interventions to anticipate and counteract the risk of chronic illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia.

It’s our mission to democratise cutting-edge health science, providing support and guidance tailored to fit each user’s genetic make-up and health needs, removing stress, guesswork, and inefficiency.

So, how does it work?

The first step is to complete a self assessment questionnaire designed to look at the core aspects of their life. The results from the assessment will give the user a personal wellness score that will adjust every time any new data is added to the platform.

The score is broken down into six categories – Health, Genetics, Fitness, Stress, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

The user is then guided through a series of questions that help identify potential indicators that could lead to long-term conditions in the future. It then makes recommendations for the best test to take: microbiome, elements, enviro-toxin, hormone and the genes test.

Thomas Olivier

What makes Omnos different to the other health models out there?

There are a number of testing platforms that provide results for a particular test, but none yet have integrated a number of genetics and functional tests into one complete system through a user-friendly interface.

This is where Omnos has the advantage, connecting the dots between all different data points so that no test results work in isolation.

This makes a great difference in the outcome, solving problems that most health professionals and practitioners often face.

How important is it that this technology is now available to the general public?

Omnos is making more comprehensive and integrating health testing viable and understandable to the general public, who want to take action for themselves for prevention and optimisation, and this technology couldn’t have come at a better time with ongoing genomics research including new developments in immunology and reducing Covid-19 vulnerability.

It can help address bigger problems with the ever-increasing pandemic of degenerative diseases. These are all preventable by changing lifestyle, diet, and environment.

In our effort to democratise the science behind health, we have designed a product that aims to simplify the incredibly complex…

What’s next for Omnos?

We are just getting started. Additional tests including blood prick will most likely be added, other features such as a complete personalised fitness offering with exciting features, the ability to book health experts, a personalised retail experience, adding API’s to connect wearables.

A lot of digital content will be added soon such as courses, training programmes and personalised protocols which I’m excited about. On the practical side I’m really pleased with our food list recommendations or supplement list, and their accuracy and granularity!

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