Feels a bit subterranean despite being on the ground floor. That’s probably due to all the green – green bar, green sofas, green curtains, green plants – giving something of an aquatic aesthetic. Well, when you name your bar the Green Room you’ve created certain expectations around the decor.

The Green Room is housed in The Curtain, one of the coolest hotels in London, complete with a rooftop pool and private members club in the basement. This is both an advantage and a drawback: on the plus side, quality is assured and so is a bed if you stay for the long haul. However there is something of a pre-drinks vibe: have a couple of cocktails and then head downstairs to the club (if you’re a member) or out into Shoreditch (if you’re not).

What’s the story?

The story of the Green Room is the story of The Curtain. Opened in 2017 by celebrated hotelier Michael Achenbaum, the venue has quickly established itself as a major player on the Shoreditch nightlife scene. The hotel is fantastic but it's the members’ club that really sets The Curtain apart – a hotbed of creative talent that often hosts gigs from major US and UK artists.

You can read our full profile of The Curtain Members’ Club here.

What should I order?

There’s a decent selection of house cocktails to keep you occupied. The standout might be the Holy Water (Bombay Sapphire, Pisco, kaffir lime & lemongrass essence), a beautifully streamlined little drink that slips down as sweetly as a prayer. Plus, ordering a “holy water” has a pleasingly transgressive sense to it.

If you want something a bit more muscular, the Aulas (Ardbeg 10 Year Old, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino, Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato, Manzanilla, habanero bitters) is a proper grown-up drink with a little bit of pizzazz.

Bonus points for the brief tasting notes that accompany each cocktail (e.g. Aulus is “Aromatic, exotic & refined”) so you have a vague idea of what you’re drinking, or at the very least what to say about it.

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How’s the food?

Choose from a selection of nibbles and bites – the latter category includes two types of burger so you’ll need fairly big bites. Of the former, you can’t go wrong with fried calamari, and CC’s Devilled eggs & caviar is a strong option, too. The food comes from the kitchen of The Curtain's acclaimed, Harlem-inspired restaurant Red Rooster which is housed in the hotel. 

There's also afternoon tea! Available Friday to Sunday, 1pm-4pm. Go traditional at £30pp or add champagne for £40pp. 

Will it bankrupt me? 

The cocktails are all either £10-£11: fairly standard for this part of London. The food is steeper, with chips £5, calamari £12, and beef burger £17. (Not the whole menu but you get the idea.) If you're hungry, you might as well pop into Red Rooster and get the full Harlem experience (and menu). 

Anything else to note? 

There's a neon sign that tells the patrons, "Don't Wait For Tomorrow". Sound advice we can all get behind – although if you're a few drinks deep, and your finger is hovering above the ex's contact on your phone, maybe do wait for tomorrow to be on the safe side. 

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For more info, see The Curtain