The Clubhouse comes to the Square Mile

Part members’ club, part flexible business space, The Clubhouse is breathing fresh life into the serviced office sector – and now it’s coming to the Square Mile

Co-working spaces get a bad rep at times. For some, this arena of hot desks and flexible meeting spaces is the sole domain of cool twenty-somethings fresh from Silicon Valley. Truth is, these buzzy offices offer a surprisingly healthy environment for senior City professionals and entrepreneurs to conduct their business without the usual constraints of head office.

At least, that is the consensus of The Clubhouse’s 950-strong membership base. In its Mayfair and St James’s locations, the unique business-focused clubs have grown in popularity among business leaders searching for a convenient space to host meetings with investors, or for out-of-town professionals looking for a London base a few times a month.

In that way, The Clubhouse is the natural and sophisticated evolution of working from a coffee shop – except in between cappuccino its patrons are cooking up ideas like aerial disaster recovery drones and designs for extracting water from, literally, thin air.

The Clubhouse is the natural and sophisticated evolution of working from a coffee shop

Last year, The Clubhouse opened its first site in the Square Mile. Based in Angel Court, just around the corner from Bank Tube station, the new club boasts panoramic views of the City, as well as a rooftop garden perfect for hosting private events or seminars. The interiors combine a hot-desk area with an informal lounge and various meeting rooms.

It’s as adaptable as it is stylish. In the modern age of business, the way we work is changing for the better – The Clubhouse ensures that where we work does, too.

Membership options start at £950 per year. For more information, visit