Life has moved fast for Dave Allen.

A year ago he was a no-hoper, a novelty act, not so much a has-been as a never-will-be.

Then he knocked out Nick Webb and everything changed.

Allen slimmed down, sharpened up, and in the past few months has embraced a new lease of life.

Before his fight with Lucas Brown – which Allen won by third-round KO – Square Mile published a lengthy profile on one of the most remarkable men in British boxing.

It's good to stay in touch with good people – so we swung by Allen's media workout to catch up.

Most important question, first – did you like the article?

It was wicked, man! Thank you.

Fantastic! How did it feel beating Lucas Browne?

Felt good! The feeling of beating Nick Webb will never be matched – that was relief. Beating Lucas Browne was happiness. But it was good. Everything now, first and foremost, is a bonus. My career was done this time last year – I weren't even fighting Nick Webb this time last year, it was that short notice. It was pure happiness beating Lucas Browne; another step toward comfortability. That step one we talked about!

How did you celebrate?

Went straight back to the hotel. Cheese sandwich, hot chocolate in the room. That was it. Literally.

I haven't come close to achieving a millionth of what David Price has

Was it the best win of your career?

The best win, yes. Not that hardest. The fight itself was easy, didn't have a mark on me. But the biggest win – he's former heavyweight champion of the world with some organisation. So it's a big win for me. [Beating] him and Price back to back put me in a really big fight.

I watched the fight in Amsterdam, in a bar full of Dutch people...

Who didn't have a clue what was going on!

Not a clue. Most people are tipping you to beat David Price...

Which is a funny thing. I've never achieved anything. I haven't come close to achieving a millionth of what that man has. Olympic bronze medalist, English, British, Commonwealth title, the next Klitchko. I ain't done nothing. I'll take being the favourite as a massive compliment. He's not the fighter he was, and that's why I am the favourite.

Is it a strange, comparing your situation now with the past few years?

I'm a proper, full-time pro now, in every way, shape and form. Just on it – I'm proper on it. There's no corners being cut, all the training preparation being done properly and professional, there's nothing at all that I would do differently.

What's the game plan for Price?

I'm just going to beat him up and knock him out. Simple.

Early or late stoppage?

Whichever. I'm not bothered. I'll take my medicine in the early rounds if I need to – preferably not. But I'm willing to take whatever. I'm not bothered.

I wouldn't beat Andy Ruiz Jr. He's just a lot better version of myself

We last spoke prior to Andy Ruiz Jr beating Anthony Joshua. You were less surprised by that result than most...

Yeah, I though Ruiz would give him a hard fight. I didn't think he'd beat him cos of the short notice but I knew he'd give him a hard fight. The rematch is interesting. It's the biggest fight in boxing at the minute.

How would you fancy yourself against Ruiz?

I wouldn't beat Ruiz. He's just a lot better version of myself.

British belt and world title – still the plan?

Of course. I believe with the right improvement and the right game plan I can get a world title fight.

Any particular belt you'd prefer?

Any. Shot at any. Any, any. On any given night, any man can beat any man. If you earn the shot, you can win it.

Finally, love your Pikachu shirt...

I'm a big Pokemon fan, big wrestling fan. Big fan of anything not cool!