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Why you should invest in a Stradivarius violin

Not all artworks are hung on the wall; some are played in a concert hall. With the ever-rising prices of Stradivari, high-rollers are starting to think philharmonically when it comes to where to put their money

Denis O’Regan’s life on tour

Photographer Denis O’Regan has captured the tours of numerous musical icons. Josh Sims hears his memories

The best titanium watches in the world

Titanium has been a go-to material in every industry from automotive to aeronautical for decades. But not so with watchmaking – until now. Josh Sims takes a look at the best titanium watches on the market

"The art world is a big game." And Mr Brainwash is winning

His street art sells before it dries. He creates album covers for Madonna. He’s painted with everyone from Pelé to the Pope. But he’s definitely not Banksy. Or is he? This is French street artist Thierry Guetta, better known as Mr Brainwash

David Rockwell is the coolest architect on the planet

When you need to make the Oscars look glitzy, you call on David Rockwell. When you want your museum to have gravitas, or need Grand Central Station to be renovated, or your West End show to have real pizzazz, you go to David Rockwell. Meet the one-man creative tour de force

"LSD opened me up to the metaphysical." Mick Rock on stars, drugs and rock 'n' roll

Rock music photographer Mick Rock is known as ‘The Man Who Shot the Seventies’. But he didn’t stop there. We catch up with a legend who has been there, shot that…

The power of Pininfarina | Inside the world's greatest design house

Pininfarina has designed some of the most beautiful cars ever made. More recently, it’s reinvented itself as a world-leading design studio in all things – from architecture to yachts. As the company turns 90, we meet its chairman, Paolo Pininfarina

The tailor to the Beetles: Douglas Millings – and his enduring legacy

Douglas Millings was a defining tailor of the 1960s – the man who dressed the Beatles. Josh Sims meets his son – a chip off the old block

"I brought something worthwhile to the world." Kenzo Takada's road to revolution

Kenzo Takada isn’t just a fashion designer – he’s a revolutionary in the industry, paving the way for Japanese designers in the west and leading the high-fashion-meets-high-street charge, says Josh Sims

Stefano Ricci interview: the fashion mogul on staying ahead of the curve

Stefano Ricci takes us back stage at his ultra exclusive clothing company. Josh Sims finds he has an unusually low-key approach to running his eponymous brand

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso on his journey from fashion eccentric to denim billionaire

Back when distressed denim was unheard of, fashion guru Renzo Rosso began ripping jeans to shreds, and he never looked back