Hairclubbing. It’s a simple concept – and no, it’s not a case of getting a haircut while tripping on ecstasy and David Guetta booming through the soundsystem. Don’t think nightclub but members’ club: a place to relax, socialise and take it easy while levelling up your barnet.

Still going strong after nine years, Blade is a bit of a Soho institution. It was opened by Stroo and Julia Despot-Olofsson and quickly proved a neighbourhood success story, for obvious reasons. The place is pure Soho: inventive, social, and a little bit out of the ordinary.

Even as a pure hairdressing salon, Blade hits the spot. Julia has nearly two decades of industry experience and her team know their stuff and will guide even the most indecisive customer – hi – through the grooming process to ensure they leave with a smile on their face and a killer trim above it.

Get this: each station comes with its own personal IPad – yes, there’s Netflix – so you’ll stay entertained during even the more complicated assignments. Waiting for your colours to come through? Stick on a film and chill.

Blades Soho

But Blade is more than a salon: it’s also a bar, and a very good bar at that. Head downstairs to sample a formidable array of spirits – the whisky selection is particularly strong – and maybe order a cocktail. (The Boxer’s Regret – mezcal base – is worth a visit alone.) There are regular tasting events for regular customers so you know Blade is serious about its booze.

Once fully loaded up, return to your station and make use of the handmade bar where your drink and your friends can rest. (There’s a special flap to shield your glass from any stray hairs when blowdrying.) Yes, Blade is keen for a haircut to be a social activity: bring some mates and take turns for a trim while the others hang out and converse. Another cocktail? Why not?

Blade will soon go transatlantic, with another outlet being planned in Williamsburg. Needless to say, its combination of style and socialising is just the tonic for a post-pandemic world. (Want literal tonic? There’s plenty of gin on the shelves.)

Get down there and join the club.

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