Kevin Pietersen played over a hundred tests for England, scored 23 centuries and received the most man of the match awards across all formats of any England player. You can read Pietersen's accounts of his five favourite Test innings in the gallery above. Below, Pietersen explains the UK 24/7 project, the latest initiative of the KP24 Foundation. For ten days over 70 young adults will participate in a fully-funded cricket programme, learning not just sport but also business and entrepreneurial skills as well.

Why did you found the UK 24/7 project?

"I spent so many years on the road with guys who bowled to us in the nets, and because you're so focused on your practice and getting yourself right for the match, you don't give them the amount of time they probably deserve. So I always said at the end of my career I'd love to give kids opportunities that they'd never have had before, because of how kids have helped me become the player that I've become. Little kids that were bowling to you in India, Sri Lanka, Nottingham, they come in and they can bamboozle you with a leg spinner or swing the ball away from you. This is my little way of giving back to those kids – because how lucky I was to have the help from so many of them over the years."

How does it help the participants?

"I think sport teaches you so many different things in life. We've got any opportunity to teach the guys the enterprise, the life skills – about manners, morals, time-keeping. We have such an incredible opportunity to coach 70-80 kids over a ten-day period so many different things which they can take home to make them better people. We're not going to change people, we're not going to make them the best people in the world, but we're going to give them an eye-opener and the opportunity to become better through the project."

How can people help?

"We need money to fund a project like this. We're at the beautiful Wellington college and it costs a lot of money to put kids up here 24/7 for ten days. Foundations and charities need money, and every single penny raised goes towards kids and goes towards OcuMel, an eye-cancer charity which is close to my heart and the leader of my foundation. His parents died of cancer and my best friend died of cancer. Every single penny goes towards these charities. I want to try and make a difference, raise awareness, and 20-30 years time a cure for eye cancer or something that can stop the disease."

To donate to OcuMel UK click here.

The UK 24/7 project is the UK version of last year’s hugely successful Sprite 24/7 project in Dubai. 72 participants aged between 16-20 years old experience a fully funded ten day residential cricket and educational camp at Wellington College. The KP24 Foundation looks to train the individuals in not only their cricket, but by challenging their lifestyle choices, as well as educating them in key areas of life and providing transferable skill. Participants are offered specialist business and entrepreneurial sessions to learn how to fundraise and participate in future foundation projects abroad. The UK 24/7 Project will provide the chance for these young adults to not only better themselves as individuals, but to take skills back to their communities, and give opportunities to even more individuals in areas of the UK desperately in need of support.

For more information on the KP24 Foundation, and how to become a sponsor, click here.