We like to think we're a fairly cool bunch at Square Mile – 'down with the kids' as they say.

However, we're under no illusions that there are cooler people out there. 

Maybe. A few. If you squint. 

Anyway, rather than offer our own TV show recommendations – Detectorists and Schitts Creek, if you're wondering – we thought it would be better to let some of the coolest names in music offer theirs. 

That's your latest playlist sorted, too!

Andrea Oliva

Honestly, I'm obsessed with series and documentaries. Not only during this period of time in lockdown, it goes all the way back to Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones was so genius that the kinda `flat` end of it wouldn’t even closely hold up with the excitement and emotions you went through during the previous episodes. Narcos was another intriguing series, I gave up a lot of well needed sleep on tour just so I could watch one more episode.

Right now I've just finished watching Ozark, which I loved and I hope it's gonna come back soon, in fact I’ve heard Netflix didn’t renew the new season yet, so it's kinda uncertain where, when and if the series would continue, which kinda sucks. Like everyone else, the last documentary I’ve watched was The last Dance, there’s no one like Jordan, not back then, not in btw, not now and not in the near future.

Andrea Oliva – Hey Ya is out now via Sola



My recommendations would have to be split into two series: The Last Dance (Michael Jordan Doc) and Star wars' Mandalorian.

While getting inspiration to strive for greatness from Michael Jordan, I also enjoyed the escapism from Mandalorian which I needed to balance me out while I sat around smoking and eating banana bread.

They also drip fed one episode a week for both series, which has kept things interesting during this bleak pandemic for REAL.

Dance Much is out 29th May via Club Sweat

Tuff London

I know I’m late to the game but i’ve really got into the American Version of The Office. After always being a fan of the original UK version I wasn’t sure if I’d like the US interpretation however the angle they’ve veered off on as the seasons have progressed is extremely entertaining and very very well written.

In my opinion some of the best contemporary sitcom writing ever. It definitely helped lighten the mood of the lockdown and if the music business ever stopped and I had to take a job in the corporate world I'd be praying for an office full of those characters.

Rhythm System is out 22nd May via Sola

Kai Exos

Kai Exos

I lowkey got Amazon Prime because I wanted to watch The Night Manager. It’s about a guy in the Middle East who gets wrapped up in a wild backstory. The cinema of it is so beautiful. I don’t know why I’m always so enamoured by the landscapes in the cradle of civilization; maybe it’s just my DNA. Anyway, I highly recommend that one as a binge watch!

Also, I caught a few eps of Upload recently and liked the deliberate cringe of it all; it strangely reminds me of the movie Ghost. Super fun on Prime cuz it links to actor and director info while playing.

Kai Exos - Houseplants is out now via VMP Music  



The series I've enjoyed the most during lockdown is a miniseries called "Years and Years".

It's a pretty dark take on what's going on with technology / politics / humanity right now and where it could take us. It's from 2019 and a year ago it seemed more far fetched than when I watch it back now.

Quite depressing to be honest but it's so well written, you'd find it hard to not enjoy it. If you enjoyed Black Mirror you will like this too.

Doorly – One For The Crew (feat. Thabo) is out 22nd May via REALM

Rene LaVice

I didn't actually watch anything for the first month or so of lockdown. I'm kind of addicted to creating things and use any spare time doing that usually. However, I decided to switch things up a bit and watch the Tiger King series before falling asleep for a few nights.

I've always been a fan of documentaries, and this one is a pretty wild ride. I'm normally a bit of a contrarian when it comes to watching 'the thing everyone's watching,' but T.K. is totally worth the watch. The larger than life characters, the mysteries, the non-stop character drama; it's literally more bizarre than South Park come to life.

I was a bit sceptical at first about the messaging around animals as well, however, I think the message airs on the side of protecting wildlife and shows us how ridiculous it is to put wild animals in cages. Deeeeeeeeep.

René Lavice, Benny L – 1000 Days out 22nd May via Device 

Jeff Nang

Jeff Nang

This lockdown has got me in different moods. Similar to how everyone is probably feeling, time moves slow and days start merging into one. Amongst all the boredom and countless late home studio sessions I found a hidden gem…. 

As I’m really into sci-fi fantasy, especially those with trippy visuals. I’m obsessed with YouTube videos that discuss inward mind expanding on spiritual topics and multi dimensional truths of our creation and thoughts. This led me to find “Midnight Gospel” on Netflix. An extraordinary fantasy animation, set in a different dimension.

Led by the main character “Clancy” who travels through time and space to interview eclectic beings for his “SpaceCast” vlog. The visuals which are sometimes gross, graphic and straight-up off-putting, take you on a journey. Combined with the conversations between Clancy and his subjects are just as interesting and philosophical. Each episode is based on different experiences and topics that last around 20 minutes long but nonetheless are disorientating and brilliant at the same time.

Jeff Nang - Rollin EP is out now on Fuzzbull 



I’m currently binge watching “The Expanse”, the possibly best sci-fi series on the planet right now. It was running on SyFy for three seasons but has then been acquired by Amazon and is now available on Prime Video.

“The Expanse” is basically Game Of Thrones in space, set about 300 years in the future. Humankind has colonised the solar system, with Mars and Earth being opponents and people living in the asteroid belt dwelling as some sort of “lower working class”. Then some unknown alien force enters this fragile political construct and chaos follows! The production is extremely well done and it is “realistic sci-fi” - so probably not for Star Trek fans ;)

Also I’m rewatching old favourites while being on lockdown at home: Scrubs (available for purchase on Amazon Prime), Prince Of Bel Air (available on Netflix) and some Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

But actually I have tons of work to do in the studio so I don’t really get to binge watch all too much ;)

Wanklemut - Only You ft. Paper Idol is out now on Spinnin'

Martin Ikin

Martin Ikin

I’m not usually a big TV or series watcher as all my spare time is taken up in the studio, but with quarantine I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. I was randomly scrolling on Insta one day last month and I saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain raving about how good Money Heist was on Netflix.

I watched the first one and now the whole house is watching it every evening. It’s so gripping, well written and it always leaves you wanting more, good thing there are 4 series to get through haha. Alex, you were right lad, its a banger! Highly recommended. Go check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already.

Armand Van Helden - Give Me Your Loving ft. Lorne (Martin Ikin remix) is out now on Parametric

Benny Benassi

benny benassi

During quarantine I’m watching "The Last Dance" on Netflix. I’ve got into basketball a lot but only recently.

As a kid I cycled all the time and used to watch the cycling races on TV. Basketball is a relatively new passion! It’s fascinating to see everything Jordan gave to and got from this amazing sport, years later. I’m getting a fuller picture of how important he was and how his achievements have inspired different generations.

I’d truly recommend this to anyone. It’s very interesting and really gripping!

Benny Benassi X Burak Yeter - Just Miss Love ft. Saint Wilder is out now on ULTRA

Gorgon City

Succession is one of the best television series ever! Such good acting and an amazing storyline.

It's an amazing insight into the world of multinational media companies – seeing the dark side of big money is really entertaining. A must watch!

Gorgon City & DRAMA - Nobody is out now on Virgin EMI