When it comes to life, Brendan Murphy goes big.

He liked basketball – so he became a professional basketball player. He was also pretty good with numbers, so he then took up trading on Wall Street.

And finally he always knew he had a creative streak – and so duly became one of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists with a line-up of patrons including Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Larry Ellison, and Warren Buffet.

Murphy is just that kind of guy. He describes himself as being “in the business of wow.” And there’s no doubt his creations have galactic impact.

This December, one of London’s most exclusive contemporary art galleries, The ARX, has officially unveiled Murphy’s latest masterpiece – a monumental installation entitled Dreams Matter.

'Dreams Matter' by Brendan Murphy
Artist Brendan Murphy alongside work 'Dreams Matter'

The 19-foot tall sculpture is the latest site-specific piece in Murphy’s iconic ‘Boonji Spaceman’ series.

Standing as the tallest sculpture of its kind in the United Kingdom, the larger-than-life sculpture will be positioned in The ARX’s impressive Knightsbridge atrium gallery.

A product of a year-long collaboration between Murphy and The ARX, the one-of-kind-piece speaks to the innovative work The ARX is committed to fostering.

Featuring a spaceman taking a step forward into uncharted territory, Dreams Matter encapsulates Murphy’s fascination with the fear of the unknown and how we reject or embrace it.

Reinforced with a steel skeleton core, the towering sculpture boasts a carbon fibre exterior adorned with Murphy’s proprietary chrome finish and signature formulas that represent the shared, abstract experience of processing emotions.

'Dreams Matter' by Brendan Murphy

“I’m thrilled to bring Dreams Matter to London and The ARX," says Murphy.

“Mathew and his team are truly forward-thinking, and I’m honoured to be featured in their spectacular new space.

“As an artist, I am always looking to push the boundaries of my craft and play with different mediums to bring my work to life.

“I’m grateful to The ARX for their support of my Boonji Spaceman series in its physical formats.”

'Dreams Matter' by Brendan Murphy along with the artist’s other works will be on display to the public on Thursdays 12pm-8pm and Saturdays from 11am-6pm or by appointment at The ARX from December 10, 2022.