Why stay in your lane? Just because you’re a celebrated pop star, there’s no reason why you can’t win an Oscar for Best Actress – as Lady Gaga has proved. Famed for your electric cars – why not buy Twitter? And if your luxury restaurant chain is winning plaudits around the world, maybe it’s time to enter the hotel business.

In fairness, Nobu Hotel came about a little more organically than the average Elon Musk venture. Nobu restaurants had been running for nearly 20 years when the first hotel opened its doors in – where else – Las Vegas, 2013. Like the restaurants, the hotels are a joint venture from Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro. Like the restaurants, quality is the byword.

There are 13 Nobu Hotels around the world, two of which are in London – Portman Square and Shoreditch. Both hotels come with their in-house Nobu restaurant so you know the food will be top notch. You can read our London Icons review of Nobu here.

The interiors are just as stylish as you would imagine, all smooth sleek surfaces and stainless glass. If producers need a good setting for the next Bond film, they could do worse than Nobu Portman Square. (De Niro as the next villain?)

Nobu Penthouse

The splendid hotel bar is full of movers, shakers and an awful lot of high-quality booze. A modernist spiral chandelier in the foyar adds to the sense of slightly futuristic luxury.

Each of the 249 guest rooms and suites takes conceptual cues from the traditional English garden – minor cues, I should stress. You won’t find a flowerbed running along the far wall. You will, however, find two widescreen TVs – one for the sofa, one for the bed itself! This is indulgence of the first order and we salute it.

Otherwise the decor is all understated beauty: just sitting in one of the bedrooms is a supremely relaxing experience. Pot of Japanese tea? Don’t mind if I do. Now allow me to admire the ornamental tree by my bedside. Nobu is that kind of place: oozing class.

Feeling the strain a tad? Pop down to the pilates studio and ease out those muscles. Feeling hungry? The room service is some of the finest in the world – well, it’s Nobu after all. What else would you expect? Where else would you stay?

22 Portman Square, London W1H 7BG; Nobu Portman Square