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Rhys Thomas

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John Smedley: the king of knitwear

As John Smedley marks 235 years in the business, Rhys Thomas takes a look at the brand’s history and how it’s planning to celebrate the milestone

My style essentials: Moss Kena

Far on the outskirts of London sits a quiet village called Harefield, populated by people who’ve found their flow far from the throes of inner-city life. There’s a church, a football team and a shop to buy fishing equipment. Most people who grow up there aren’t interested in ever leaving – but then, most people aren't Moss Kena...

Akira: why Japanese cuisine makes the best dining experience

As Japan Week draws to a close, we visit Akira, Japan House. It's one of the finest Japanese restaurants in London...

"It's important to remember why you did something." Beardyman is back

At the launch of his latest single, the former beatbox world champion, comedian and musician discusses a return to music, parenthood and society...

"Nowadays I’m learning I want to be happy as well as successful." Luke Marzec is on a crescendo

Luke Marzec has risen to prominence in the last year, his eclectic music is complex in its simplicity and has mass-appeal. In his first ever face-to -face interview, we learn more about the man behind the music...

"I do still try to push limits." Marc Márquez is the fastest man on two wheels

Nobody rides a motorbike like Marc Márquez. We speak to the reigning MotoGP champion (he has five of 'em, and counting) about the season so far, life outside of racing and his many, many, crashes

"Too many people have died because of reality TV." Andy Jordan on music, fashion, and Made In Chelsea

Andy Jordan made the headlines from his time on Made In Chelsea. These days, he’s switched south-west London for the south-west coastline, enjoying a life of surf and simplicity, alongside running his clothing brand and music career. Speaking to Square Mile, Andy let us in on how life has been since the show.

half•alive may be the most stylish band in the world

Having formed just three years ago, half•alive have been living life to the full, packing in tour dates and experimental videos alongside their successful debut album. Speaking to Square Mile, the Californian band told us how it's all working out

"The world is obsessed with vanity." Shruti Hassan is a truly global superstar

Shruti Hassan is the daughter of Indian acting royalty, but she has long since established herself as a star in her own right. We speak to an actor and musician happy to forge her own path...

The best jazz bars in London

D’ya like jazz? Want a bit of New Orleans in the City? Pretend you’re Frank Sinatra? Follow our advice and visit the best jazz bars in London

One of the UK’s most exciting photographers will exhibit at the Maddox Gallery

Haris Nukem will join renowned artists Coco Dávez, Banksy and David Yarrow in showcasing his new exhibition ‘faith’ on the walls of this Mayfair institution

"Perfection takes effort." Luke Campbell on the fight of his life

He has an Olympic gold, but his ambitions have always been bigger than that. Now, Luke Campbell has a shot at boxing's biggest prize – and, in Vasyl Lomachenko, its reigning P4P king. He tells Rhys Thomas about the fight of his life