This September, one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary photographers brings his unique talent to Maddox Gallery.

Haris Nukem will join renowned artists Coco Dávez, Banksy and David Yarrow in showcasing his new exhibition ‘faith’ on the walls of this Mayfair institution.

Nukem’s style is a blend between the classical and the contemporary: just take a look at the beautiful example of his work’s visceral power above.

‘Counting Blessings’ as seen below, also demonstrates the recurring themes of romanticism and materialism; glamour and retribution; heroes and gods, that recur in Nukem’s photography.

A third stand-out piece is ‘Kikz’ – an Elizabethan-portrait-meets-west-African-Queen regally holding a china tea cup, rising out of a dark background.

The photograph documents Kikz’s own life: a childhood of insurmountable hardship, overcome.

“In our increasingly secular world, ‘faith’ is an exploration of the pockets in which to place our beliefs,” Nukem says.

Suffice it to say, in this artist your faith is well placed.

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